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Truthout Daily Digest Tuesday March 25 , 2014

Fantastic resources! I am reblogging in case my readers are interested in international issues, politics, justice, the Hobby Lobby case, and other interesting subjects you have on the digest.

Spirit In Action

There are a lot of really important stories in Truthout today. The concept of history repeating as David Wilcock discussed in his last book is eerily apparent here tho the time spans involved are much shorter.

From the distraction tactics being used to cement oil oligarchs ability to exterminate life on Earth, to the racist removal of indigenous children nothing we are seeing in the news of late is actually “new”.

It is time for the collective of Earth to say no more from the depths of our inherent spiritual power of creation. All that is not of love must end.

We must withdraw our consent and call forth the transformation of this power-over based society into something rooted in love, compassion and caring before it truly is too late for our species and so many others.


John Pilger | Australia Is Again Stealing Its Indigenous Children

John Pilger…

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