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“Suspicion Nation” – Addressing the Critics; Re: The Gun

In her book, Suspicion Nation, Lisa Blooms writes:

“Two weeks into the three-week trial, I used the opportunity to take another look at the important evidence that had already been admitted in the trial, as I would if I were trying the case myself for either side.”

“That’s when I noticed some critical evidence about the placement of Zimmerman’s gun.  That black KelTec 9mm PF-9 semiautomatic handgun was holstered not only inside his waistband (that is, inside his pants, concealed), but behind Zimmerman, on his backside.”

George-Zimmerman-re-enactmentLisa goes on to write about learning this from Zimmerman himself, as she watched his reenactment video several times.  Like many of us who studied Zimmerman, not only in words, but his re-play of actions, noticed that he reached behind his pocket when reenacting where he wore his gun.  We concluded that there was no way that Trayvon could see, much less reach, for that gun.

The anti-Trayvon Martin camp criticizes Lisa Bloom for her keen perception.  They say that Zimmerman did not carry his gun on his backside.  They make excuses for why Zimmerman reached behind his pocket when showing detectives where his gun was when he reached for it.

So the question is, where did George Zimmerman carry his gun?

The answer comes from his own mouth; i.e., his “hip.”

The hip is not the waist and George demonstrated what he believes to be his hip.

Lisa Bloom questions what many of us also questioned, which is why did the detectives allow Zimmerman to demonstrate from a standing position, those things that he said happened on the ground while he was on his back.

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Wrestling or Pinned Down?

George Zimmerman’s inconsistency for what caused his jacket to raise exposing his gun.

God-Send for the State v. Zimmerman’s God’s Plan

Blackbutterfly7 is presenting a series of videos based on the prosecution’s statement in court that George Zimmerman’s Hannity interview was a “God send for the State,” and Zimmerman’s statement on Hannity that he believed his actions and decisions in killing Trayvon was “God’s Plan.”

Part 1 is “Why Was Zimmerman Yelling for Help?”

Part 2 is “The Gun”

If you missed those, they can be viewed at;

The following is Part 3; “The Lie About When The Cop Arrived”

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