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Not Just A Character In A Movie

“I’ve never seen an alien. Have you ever seen an alien?”

0606798_44384_MC_Tx360-e1337699178907-300x284The character, Mick Canales, had lost both of his legs. He believed that he could no longer be a soldier, which was something he had been all of his adult life. He didn’t want to cooperate in physical therapy. He was abrupt and rude. Then something happened.   His physical therapist was told to get off the mountain because aliens had landed. The earth was under attack.


“I’ve never seen an alien. Have you ever seen an alien? With that line by Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales, I realized that the character was returning to the soldier he thought that he could no longer be.

The movie is Battleship. I like science fiction movies and years ago when my son was in junior high, we played the game. I wanted to see the movie without knowing its plot nor who was starring. It had to be my kind of movie.

When the character of Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales was introduced, I thought it could not be special effects.  The actor had to be a real amputee and not just a real amputee, but also a military man.  At the end when the credits rolled, I watched for the name of the actor. His real name is Gregory D. Gadson. Well, it’s more than that. He is actually Colonel Gregory D. Gadson. Read the rest of this entry

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