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Open Discussion May 29th

Good afternoon folks!  Santiago here. This is an open discussion thread.  Please share whatever is on your mind, what you have experienced this week, or news stories you would like to discuss.

Here’s my thoughts of the week.  Officer Michael Brelo, who was 1 of 13 officers involved in a 137 shot ambush style murder, was acquitted on Saturday.

Brelo apparently is said to have been justified in jumping on the hood of a vehicle firing 49 rounds into the windshield killing both unarmed occupants, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

49 shots! Let’s do some math.  That means that Brelo is responsible for 1/3 of the gun fire that rained down on two unarmed citizens. Their justification or reasoning for the acquittal is somewhat hard to understand.

They claim the car that Russell and Williams were in backfired leaving them to believe the two were armed and fired a shot.  The 2nd portion of the justification isn’t exactly that easy to explain. Read the rest of this entry

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