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Things Trump Supporters Will Say One Day

Things Trump supporters will say one day.

I heard how he disrespected women, but I’m not a woman.

I heard how he disrespected Black Americans, but I’m not Black.

I heard him disparage those of Mexican descent, but I’m not of Mexican descent.

I heard him disparage Muslims, but I’m not Muslim.

I saw him mock a disabled person, but I’m not disabled.

My only concern was jobs.

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N.C.’s Sweeping Anti-Gay Law Goes Way Beyond Targeting LGBTs

So, North Carolina uses state rights to pass a law that discriminates against LGBT’s, and in the same statue, removes state rights to sue for employment discrimination, leaving people to use the federal option.

The Fifth Column


AP Photo / Emery P. Dalesio


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Equal Opportunity In The Workplace

What people do not know can hurt them. Worst, presenting their positions without being properly informed can cause them to effectively appear ignorant. For the past year, there are many who say that America needs to engage in discussion on race. This is true, but it’s impossible to fairly and honestly discuss race in America without discussing experiences. Experiences are not limited to getting angry looks, or hearing racial slurs spoken under one’s breath. Honest discussion must be based on processes and policies designed to discriminate. One area where we see that is in the area of employment.

As Dreamer noted in a comment she recently posted, there are people who sincerely believe that “Blacks have the same opportunities as Whites.” It is in the area of employment opportunities where America sees that Blacks are hired, and assumes that “same opportunities” is the same as “equal opportunities.”   They are distinct from each other. Read the rest of this entry

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