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Two Dads Meet – Peter Rodger and Richard Martinez


Richard Martinez and Peter Rodger

Peter Rodger’s son, Elliot, went on a shooting spree, taking the lives of 6 people on May 24, 2014.  Elliot wrote angry pieces and taped YouTube videos talking about violence, murder, and his hatred of blonde White women for rejecting him. Among those Elliot killed was 20-year old Christopher Martinez.

Christopher’s dad, Richard, was very vocal about gun violence. Read the rest of this entry

Open Discussion – May 28, 2014

Black butterflyCaterpillars, moths, butterflies and all creatures great and small;

NBC Breaking news has it that 4 Nigerian girls have escaped their captures.


ABC reports that the 13 people injured in Elliot Rodger’s rampage are recovering.


In response to a Supreme Court ruling that the city of Chicago cannot ban the sale of guns in the city, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has introduced a city ordinance that includes: Read the rest of this entry

‘Hunger Games’ Director’s Son Goes On Killing Spree At University Of California [VIDEO]

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