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For Trayvon’s Parents, Family, Friends and Their Supporters

If Trayvon’s parents, family and friends should read this, I would like to share a dream with you for your encouragement.  It is also for those who support justice for Trayvon.

I had a dream about Trayvon.    In the dream, Trayvon was sitting at a desk.  It was not a school desk or one of those desks designed for apartments.  It was an office desk.  He was smiling, at times throwing his head back laughing, and talking to no end.  As in all dreams that I have about people who have passed on, I never hear their voice or understand what they are saying.  So, I did not hear what Trayvon was saying, but wow — was he talking.  There were papers on the desk that he picked up, looked at, and it appeared that he was organizing them.   He was happy about it.

That was the dream.

The below video is a creation of LLMPapa.  It touched my heart and I hope that it gives you courage and strength to know that there are people feeling your pain, and standing in faith and hope with you.