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DNA Testing in Rape Case Exonerates Louisiana Man Nathan Brown After 17 Years in Prison


Nathan Brown and family Nathan Brown, who had been incarcerated for nearly seventeen years, talks with his daughter Celene Brady, and his grandson Kenard Southern, 1, after being released from seventeen years in prison in New Orleans, Wednesday. / AP

Nathan Brown, 40, who was convicted of the attempted aggravated rape of a 40-year-old woman in 1997 solely based on her identification, was released from a state prison yesterday after serving 17 years of a 25-year sentence.  DNA testing has proved what Brown has claimed all along: He was not the man who attacked the woman as she returned to the Metairie apartment complex where they both lived, his attorneys say.

“I sincerely ask for you to have mercy upon me when the time for sentencing comes,” Brown wrote in December 1997 to then-Judge Walter Rothschild, the month after a Jefferson Parish jury convicted him. “I understand what I’ve been accused of, but I’m…

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Let’s Talk About The Mixture of DNA On Zimmerman’s Jacket

Watching George Zimmerman’s trial, I remembered the testimony of Anthony Gorgone of FDLE crime lab.  After the verdict and Juror B37 and her literary agent revealing that Zimmerman was found not guilty due to the manner in which he was charged, my attention was drawn to her AC360 interview.  Then there was the good news about Rachel Jeantel receiving a full-scholarship from Tom Joyner, and numerous interviews of others including Sybrina and Tracy.   However, the testimony of Anthony Gorgone stayed with me.

Anthony Gorgone

Anthony Gorgone with ASA John Guy at Zimmerman’s trial.

Mr. Gorgone testified that he took cuttings from George Zimmerman’s jacket and tested for the presence of blood.   The cuttings were labeled A through EE.  Some tested positive for the presence of blood with the sole contributor being Zimmerman. Some did not test positive for the presence of blood, and still others tested positive for the presence of blood that resulted in a mixture.  In some of the mixtures, Trayvon was included or excluded.  In some of the mixtures, the contributor could not be identified. Read the rest of this entry

George Zimmerman Trial – Day 8

Wednesday – Day 8 of Trial

(Tons of thanks to croakerqueen123 for recording.)


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