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He Believed Police Didn’t Act Like This – Says 81 Year Old Blind Victim

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“It was one of the worst things that ever happened to me outside of my eye accident when I lost my eyesight because I always thought the United States was a great place and police didn’t act like this.”  Philip White

Denver7 Investigated.

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Philip White

In 2012, Philip White, then 77-years old, was at the Greyhound station trying to take a bus back home to Eagle.  He was told that the bus was sold out, so he asked to speak to a manager.  Philip is blind and carries a cane. After Philip spoke with a manager, the manager said it was okay for him to wait for the next bus.  However, a security guard told Philip that he was trespassing and would be arrested.  Philip called the police.

“I decided to call the police to see if maybe I was breaking the law somehow,” White explained to Denver7 chief investigative reporter Tony Kovaleski. “[The dispatcher] said the only thing we can do really is we could send a policeman over to observe your discussion with the manager. So I thought that was a good idea.”

When an officer arrived, Philip asked to touch his badge to ensure that it was the police, but the officer refused.  The security guard and officer tried slamming Philip to the hard floor.  Philip’s head was bashed on a counter.

Surveillance video captured what happened.  Read the rest of this entry

Jessica Hernandez’s Autopsy Contradicts Police Report


Jessica Hernandez

We previously reported on the death of 17-year old Jessica Hernandez. Jessica was killed on January 26, 2015 in Denver, Colorado. Authorities said Jessica was in a stolen vehicle and tried running over one of the officers, striking him on the leg, which led to that and another officer firing their guns.

A witness, 16-year old Trina Diaz, who was in the passenger’s seat during the incident, stated that the officers were standing next to the car when they fired, and that the car hit the officer only after Jessica was struck, which veered the car in his direction, pinning his leg between the car and a fence.

The coroner’s report shows that Jessica was shot twice to her left side; once to the chest where the bullet went through her heart and both lungs. The coroner determined that none of the shots were fired at close range. Jessica also had bruises and abrasions to her face, torso and neck. Read the rest of this entry

Police Shoot, Kill, 16 Year Old Female Jessie Hernandez, For Driving Stolen Vehicle. Community Holds Vigil.

Denver and 911 Dispatchers Sued

Denver, Colorado

loretta.barela.protestOn November 18, 2012, it took more than an hour for dispatchers to send the police to the home of 44-year old Loretta Barela. One of Loretta’s neighbors called 911 reporting that she saw Loretta shirtless and being hit by a man who was dragging her across the street. About 45 minutes later, the neighbor called again because the police had not arrived.  Police knocked on the door and not getting an answer, left.

It was not until about six hours later when Loretta’s husband, Christopher Perea, called the police saying that he killed his wife, that police arrived and found Loretta’s body. Her family has now filed a lawsuit alleging “a pattern of inadequate 911 dispatching.” The lawsuit names the city of Denver, four 911 employees and two officers. One dispatcher resigned pending further discipline in the case. Read the rest of this entry

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