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Trial of First Officer of the Baltimore 6 Continues

freddie-gray-arrest-video.pngYesterday, the prosecution rested. The defense moved for dismissal and Judge Barry G. Williams denied their motion. The defense puts on its case starting today.

William Porter is charged with involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office.  He is the first of 6 Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray. Porter’s attorneys have stated that he will testify, although that can change.

Tuesday morning, jurors heard from an expert of police procedures who said officers have an obligation to seat-belt arrestees and get them quick medical attention. Dr. Michael Lyman, a professor of criminal justice at Columbia College in Missouri, testified for the prosecution that police officers who arrest a suspect have a “shared responsibility” to make sure that person is secured in the back of a police transport wagon. If the person complains of injuries, officers should immediately determine where the nearest hospital is and take the arrestee there.

Also on Tuesday, a crime scene technician, a crime lab serologist and a DNA expert each testified about their role in collecting and analyzing Freddie’s blood found in the back of the transport wagon. Read the rest of this entry

Ted Wafer Trial – August 4, 2014

After Friday and the weekend, the trial of Ted Wafer reconvenes today at 9 a.m.  Yahtzeebutterfly and others have done a fantastic job following available information on Twitter.  That has been our only option since the judge ordered no live stream the afternoon of the first day of trial.

WXYZ-TV Detroit generally releases a video recapping the day, which I shall post here as soon as it is available.

On another note, Michael Dunn has a pretrial hearing today on the retrial of 1st degree murder charges for killing Jordan Davis.   If you hear anything about it before I do, feel free to post it in comments.

Because it’s so tiring following the Wafer trial via Twitter, I personally hope that the defense rests today and Tuesday, the jury will begin their work deliberating.  Actually, I don’t see much that the defense has left to present.

Justice for Renisha!


I didn’t read any tweets about Wafer being cross-examined by the prosecution, but WXYZ-TV reports in their recap video that cross-examination did happen and will continue in the morning.



Jury selection is scheduled to begin on September 22 for Dunn’s retrial.

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