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Michael Dunn Retrial – Day 3

jordan Davis 2 Judge Healey is holding trial on Saturday because the jury is sequestered.  Based on statements he made at the end of yesterday’s hearing, he expects for the defense to have witnesses ready on Monday.

As Judge Healey stated, things are rolling along.  One reason for that is because the defense has not cross-examined all state witnesses that have testified, and its cross-examination of other state witnesses was mostly a repeat of their testimony.

I will update here with videos as they become available.


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Michael Dunn Trial – Day 3

Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis

Live stream of the trial of Michael Dunn is on several sources, including (I have to run errands in the morning but as soon as I return, will check on available videos and embed.) Now updated with videos parts 1-5.

Day 3 – Part 1

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