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“Tragedy on Trial: The George Zimmerman Story”

Did anyone watch the CNN Special?  I did.  It brought out things about the history of Sanford that I was unaware of.

Reporter David Mattingly said, “You have to understand the stage before you understand the players.”

That’s so true.  The history of that area reveals a deep-seated root of racial segregation and discrimination.  Someone like George Zimmerman would be comfortable there as long as those he harassed and yes, murdered, were Black.

Disgusted Zimmerman

George Zimmerman in court.

I am happy that the report brought out the make-up of the jury and how O’Mara played into their fears of Black males.  I’m happy about that because it reveals Mark O’Mara’s real opinion about Trayvon Martin, thereby revealing the insincerity of O’Mara’s offer to discuss race and the judicial system.

I found the program to also be supportive of Rachel Jeantel, her testimony, and her credibility. Read the rest of this entry