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The Right to Dignity – Woman Stripped Naked By Male Deputies

On February 1, 2014, we reported the case of Charda Gregory.    That case occurred in Warren, Michigan in November, 2013. In that case, video from the jail shows that Charda was placed in a restraining chair that held down her arms, and police Officer Bernadette Najor proceeded to cut and pull on Charda’s weave that had been sewn into her natural hair, pulling out some of Charda’s hair in the process.  It was a dehumanizing act of humiliation.

Dana Holmes

Dana Holmes

On May 19, 2013, in the LaSalle County, Illinois jail, 32-year-old Dana Holmes was arrested for DUI.  Caught on camera are three male officers, and one female officer, dragging Dana into a cell and holding her down while the female officer strips Dana of her pants and the male officers strip her of her upper garments, leaving Dana naked on the floor.

Dana Holmes stripped naked

The officers said that Dana was resisting arrest and kicked at them.  The video does not support that, and neither does Illinois law.  Illinois law provides that the accused held in jail can be stripped searched only when there is reasonable belief there is a concealed weapon or controlled substance on their body.  They must be stripped by an officer of the same gender, and the strip cannot be observed by others. Read the rest of this entry

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