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How Tylenol Poisoning Changed Our Way of Life

Last night, I opened a bottle of ice tea.  After I removed the outside seal, and twisted the two section cap, there was then a seal with a tab on top that had to be removed.  I thought, “this is because of evil.”

Those who were children in 1982, or not yet born, might not know why we live in a world where seals are on packaged consumable items, including over the counter medications.

In 1982, someone decided to conceal carry in order to murder people; only it wasn’t a gun.  It was poison.

On September 29, 1982, the parents of 12-year old Mary Kellerman gave her an extra-strength Tylenol capsule because she complained of a sore throat and runny nose. They lived in Elk Grove Village, a northwest suburb of Chicago.  Mary died.

Tylenol-killer-Chicago-murders-1983On that same day, 27-year old Adam Janus of Arlington Heights, Illinois, also a suburb of Chicago, had what was initially thought to be a massive heart attack.   His brother and sister-in-law went to his home to console their loved ones.  They both had a headache and took a Tylenol extra-strength capsule from the bottle in Adam’s house. Stanley died that same day and his wife died two days later.

Over the next few days, 35-year-old Mary McFarland of Elmhurst, Illinois, 35-year-old Paula Prince of Chicago, and 27-year-old Mary Weiner of Winfield, Illinois all died.

All of them died from cyanide poisoning.

In October 1982, investigators finally made the connection between the poisoning deaths and Tylenol. Read the rest of this entry

“All it takes is one good man with a gun….” – ‘When May I Shoot a Student’?

The Last Of The Millenniums

gun nuts2

gun nut3

‘Greg Hampikian is a professor of biology and criminal justice at Boise State University and a co-author of “Exit to Freedom.”

BOISE, Idaho — ‘TO the chief counsel of the Idaho State Legislature’:

‘In light of the bill permitting guns on our state’s college and university campuses, which is likely to be approved by the state House of Representatives in the coming days, I have a matter of practical concern that I hope you can help with: When may I shoot a student’?

‘I am a biology professor, not a lawyer, and I had never considered bringing a gun to work until now. But since many of my students are likely to be armed, I thought it would be a good idea to even the playing field’.

‘I have had encounters with disgruntled students over the years, some of whom seemed quite upset, but I always assumed that when they…

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Illinois’ New Conceal Carry Law-What Now?

Illinois is the last state to legislate conceal carry.  Appropriately interpreted by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, I call it the Citizens’ Militia gun rights act.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn vetoed legislation for conceal carry in Illinois, blasting them for negotiating away public safety to appease the National Rifle Association. (NRA).  In December 2013, a federal appeals court ruled the state’s ban on carrying concealed firearms was unconstitutional.  Governor Quinn put up a good fight to prevent conceal carry from becoming Illinois law.  In the end, the NRA won.


Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

“Despite my objections, members of the General Assembly surrendered to the National Rifle Association in the waning days of session and passed a flawed bill that allows people to carry guns in establishments that serve alcohol, and allows people to carry unlimited guns and unlimited high-capacity ammunition magazines,” the governor said in a written statement. “It was wrong on May 31 and it’s wrong today.”

Some good did come out of it.  The legislation allows for business owners to ban firearms on their property as long as they post signs indicating they don’t allow guns.  I saw such a sign yesterday posted on a bank.

In the aftermath of George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Gov. Pat Quinn appeared on national television and declared that Illinois doesn’t have a “stand your ground” law like Florida and “we don’t want it.”  Illinois has justifiable homicide statute.  Some say it is generic, saying that a person who is attacked is justified in using deadly force “only if he reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or another, or the commission of a forcible felony.”  Lawyers depend on decisions by the Illinois Supreme Court. Read the rest of this entry

Sanford, FL Police Chief Back Peddles On Neighborhood Watch Carrying Guns


Sanford Police Chief, Cecil Smith

About 6 days ago, it was reported that Chief of Police Cecil Smith of Sanford, Florida, revamped the rules for neighborhood watch volunteers that include they cannot carry firearms while conducting neighborhood watch.

Now, he has changed his mind. The Orlando Sentinel and other sources report since the original announcement, that Chief Smith held a community meeting where he clarified the new rules for Neighborhood Watch.   About 100 people attended. Read the rest of this entry

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