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Mark O’Mara Addresses Florida Bar Complaint

O'Mara West and ZimmermanAttorney Mark O’Mara has posted a response to the report that a complaint is under investigation by the Florida Bar regarding his handling of the George Zimmerman case.

In his statement, it appears that the complaint alleges ethic violations for O’Mara’s use of social media and raising funds for a client. Read the rest of this entry

Complaint Filed With Florida Bar Against Mark O’Mara

Mark O'Mara 1

Attorney Mark O’Mara


Rene Stutzman of the Orlando Sentinel reports that she has confirmed that a complaint has been filed with the Florida Bar alleging ethnic violations by Orlando attorney Mark O’Mara.  As of now, who filed the complaint and specific allegations are not known.  However, the Florida Bar has confirmed that its staff is investigating.  The complaint is related to Mark O’Mara’s handling of George Zimmerman criminal case. Read the rest of this entry

Kendrick Johnson-Complaint Filed About Missing Organs

It’s bad enough when a son is missing and later found dead.  That is multiplied when police say it was an accident, but the body gives sign of a struggle and beating.  When it’s discovered that internal organs were removed and replaced with newspaper, that’s enough to send any parent into numerous, emotional hoops — and demands for answers.


Kendrick Johnson rally

Read the rest of this entry