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George Zimmerman Following Trayvon Martin On Video

Subtitled: One Of Numerous Pieces Of Evidence That The Jury Disregarded

Willisnewton worked on a team analyzing the clubhouse videos.  Their completed project is on video titled “The Death of Trayvon Martin.”

Willisnewton posted here and I mentioned that in a portion of the East Pool Hall video, I saw a figure leaving the mail shed with car lights slowly following.

Since that time, willisnewton has asked, and I have promised, to either give the time for when I see that or point it out otherwise.   The below video is of that clip, along with what happened at trial pertaining to it.  It begins at about 7:10 p.m.

At trial, by an objection by the defense, sustained by Judge Nelson, the prosecution was forbidden to have the witness say whether he saw anything in the video.  He could only confirm that the camera records the mail-shed area.

At closing argument, Bernie de la Rionda tried compensating for the lack of witness testimony by telling the jury what the video reveals. Prosecutors saw what I see.

The video below also shows the clip in slow-motion, and in an enhanced, or brighten version so that the figure is more clear. Read the rest of this entry

Clubhouse Videos – Discovery By The State

In discovery released to the defense, the State entered videos for the Retreat at Twin Lakes where accused murderer, George Zimmerman, killed Trayvon Martin.   Many have questioned what the videos show, and some doubters who support Zimmerman say that the videos show nothing.  Prosecutors however, apparently believe that the clubhouse videos have value in proving the State’s case against Zimmerman.

The value in the clubhouse videos cannot be understood without first being familiar with Zimmerman’s interview in the police station for the voice stress test, his re-enactment the day after he killed Trayvon; and his interrogations.   For a short summary, Zimmerman said that he first saw Trayvon standing by a house, which was later identified as Frank Taaffe’s house.  Zimmerman also said that he drove to the clubhouse where he pulled in and called the police non-emergency phone number.

The timing in the videos, and analysis of headlights, compared to Zimmerman’s non-emergency call to the police, tells us his locations.  Do they agree with his statements, re-enactments, and answers when interrogated?

One thing that we found very interesting, is that those who analyzed the clubhouse videos also speculate that Zimmerman cut-off Trayvon’s path to Ms. Green’s house, where Trayvon was visiting with his dad. We wrote Why Retreat View Circle, posting it on December 2, 2012.

The following video is a little over 45 minutes.  Spending the time watching it is well worth it.  Those who prepared the video are  invaluable.  Our thanks to them.