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Please Boycott Cruises Boarding In Florida

Florida is not tWelcome to Florida - gunhe only State that has conceal carry of guns and stand your ground law, but this nation’s most recent experience in the injustice committed upon Trayvon Martin brings the spotlight upon the State of Florida.   I would like to add the Trevor Dooley and Marissa Alexander cases to the reasons for why cruises boarding in Florida should be boycotted.   Juries in the State of Florida have one stand your ground law for White defendants, and another stand your ground law for Black defendants.

We await to see if Michael Dunn, charged with the murder of unarmed 17-year old Jordan Davis, and also charged with attempted murder of others who were in the vehicle with Jordan, will be judged by the written law, or acquitted by racist jurors.

The Soul Train cruise is scheduled to leave Ft. Lauderdale in February 2013.  Those disagreeing with any or all of the three aforementioned cases should boycott the Soul Train cruise and all other cruises leaving out of Florida, and encourage their friends and relatives to do the same.  This will be a most difficult decision for those honoring what Soul Train stands for, but we need to make a powerful, economic statement.celebrity_cruises

Airlines flying into Florida, and cruise ships boarding in Florida, will feel the economic effect.

A current list of performers who have joined Stevie Wonder in boycotting Florida includes:

Mary Mary; Eddie Levert; Rod Stewart; Madonna; Usher; Pattie Labelle; Kanye West; Mary J; Rolling Stones; Justin Timberlake; R. Kelly; Rihanna; Alicia Keys; Joe; WillIAM; Keyshia Cole; Erykah Badu; Frankie Beverly; and Parliament.  Let those of us who can, join their efforts beginning by boycotting cruises boarding in the State of Florida.