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Sanford, FL Police Chief Back Peddles On Neighborhood Watch Carrying Guns


Sanford Police Chief, Cecil Smith

About 6 days ago, it was reported that Chief of Police Cecil Smith of Sanford, Florida, revamped the rules for neighborhood watch volunteers that include they cannot carry firearms while conducting neighborhood watch.

Now, he has changed his mind. The Orlando Sentinel and other sources report since the original announcement, that Chief Smith held a community meeting where he clarified the new rules for Neighborhood Watch.   About 100 people attended. Read the rest of this entry

Sanford Bans Guns From Neighborhood Watch Patrol


Sanford, FL Police Chief Cecil Smith

Sanford Chief of Police Cecil Smith, (formerly of Elgin, IL), took over that police department in April 2013.  He saw that the Neighborhood Watch program needed reform and he has done just that.



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