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Former Cop Michael Slager Denied Bond


Michael Slager in court on Sept. 10, 2015

Former North Charleston officer Michael Slager was indicted by a grand jury in the shooting death of Walter Scott.  He has been charged with murder. Slager was arrested on April 7, 2015, when a citizen who took the video of Slager shooting Walter made it public. If convicted, Slager faces a sentence of 30 years to life without parole. Slager was denied bond and has been in jail. It is said that Dylan Roof, the man who killed 9 people in an AME church, has a cell next to or across from Slager.

The video of Slager shooting 8 times at Walter as Walter ran became very controversial. Slager shot Walter 5 times in the back, killing him. Those who tend to support the shooting, like Slager, argue what took place before the actual shooting. In effort to have the court set bond, Slager’s attorney argued that Walter had cocaine and alcohol in his system. Slager’s story of Walter trying to take his taser and other things do not appear to justify shooting Walter in the back as he was running away. Read the rest of this entry

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