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Versatile Blogger Award and Blue Sky Tag

Thanks to Studiotj and Barclay Dave for their nominations.

Thanks to my dear friends for this humbling honor.   I also want to take this opportunity to thank followers, visitors,  and participants.

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident has been nominated for Versatile Blogger previously,  so I’m not repeating the Rules here, which are similar to the Blue Sky Tag.


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Frederick Leatherman’s Blog was Hijacked

I was alerted that Frederick Leatherman reported that his house was broken into, and someone obtained the access code to their router and accessed his and Crane-Station’s computers. Whomever it was changed the password to his blog and he could no longer log in.

I do not use the word “hack” because that sounds as if someone actually hacked into the server side to get into his computer. That’s difficult to do with Word Press blogs because the hacker would have to actually hack into Word Press servers then find the blog that they want to access.

What I actually think happened is that after breaking into Fred’s house, the perpetrator accessed Fred’s computer. If he was already signed into Word Press, the person was able to change the password on his blog. The most concerning thing however, is that if the person gained access to the administrative side of Leatherman’s blog, that person might have obtained the email addresses of those who submitted comments and might attempt to sign into and change the passwords on Word Press accounts. Read the rest of this entry

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