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Bigotvoyants Revisted

On September 14, 2012, I posted Racist Bigots and Thugs are Clairvoyant.

KKK women

Did These Women Serve On The George Zimmerman Jury?

Now that the jury in the George Zimmerman trial has rendered a verdict of not guilty, and in light of Juror B37 saying that Trayvon played a “huge” role in his death, it is an appropriate time to revisit this subject.   This is a re-post.  Only the last paragraph has been changed to update since the verdict. Read the rest of this entry

Racist Bigots and Thugs Are Clairvoyant

The following are comments posted on the internet by George Zimmerman (GZ) fans:

“It is shameful what we are doing to this man. He took out a thug before the thug could kill him, AND prevented all the future crimes (rape, assault, drug dealing) that Trayvon would have done in his life. George deserves our thanks for helping to keep us safe!”

“The only good black is a dead black just like trayvon.”

“He was black, wearing a hoodie, and his name was Trayvon. HE WAS A FELONY WAITING TO HAPPEN.” 

“The stupid baboon chimped out, circled back, stalked and followed Zimmerman as he was walking back to his vehicle, then combatively and belligerently confronting Zimmerman, then brutally attacking Zimmerman. Furthermore, Zimmerman demonstrated restraint by only firing once and only after being viciously and brutally attacked by the chimped out wild uncivilized monkey. “

These types of comments are common among GZ fans.  You see, they are clairvoyant — bigotvoyants, (bi-got-voy-ants).  Bigotvoyants can look into the future of every young Black male and predict what crimes they will commit unless they are murdered before their future begins.  Bigotvoyants have recently used their gift to explain what happened the evening of 2/26/2012 when GZ killed unarmed, 17 yr old Trayvon Martin.   Their crystal brains showed them that it could have only happened one of two ways;

  1. Trayvon had time to get to his dad’s house but instead, laid in wait or circled back to attack GZ.
  2. Trayvon went home, changed pants, then left out again to attack GZ.

Not only are GZ’s fans clairvoyant, but in order for things to happen the way they describe, it requires that Trayvon also be clairvoyant. You see, before GZ got out of his truck, Trayvon would have to know that he would.   According to the bigotvoyants, when Trayvon ran, he didn’t run to get away from GZ.  Rather, he ran because he knew GZ would follow him and then he could attack GZ.

According to bigotvoyants, Trayvon knew that GZ did not know the name of the street he was on, and would need to walk all the way down the dog path to get an address on the next street over.  Bigotvoyants know that Trayvon knew that GZ would not stand in front of that address, call the police and wait at that location for the police to arrive.  Bigotvoyants know that Trayvon foresaw that GZ would make a roundtrip, walking back to his truck to call the police with that address, although GZ would not be at that address when calling them.  Yes!  Bigotvoyants know exactly what Trayvon would know about GZ’s movements.

Oh wait.  There is a good portion of bigotvoyants who do not believe that GZ walked to the next street over.   That in fact, they don’t believe anything he said other than Trayvon attacked and intended to kill him.  They don’t believe GZ’s re-enactment, neither what he said in his interview with Sean Hannity.  You see, they know that GZ doesn’t have the gift, and not having the gift to see into the future, that he doesn’t live in the reality of the present neither remember the past.

Actually, some bigotvoyants have not seen GZ’s video-taped re-enactment, read his written statement to the police, listened to his recorded interviews, neither watched his interview with Sean Hannity.    They have no interest in what GZ said and did.  The only thing that matters to them is that they have the gift of knowing everything that Trayvon said and did.

For theory number 2, Trayvon would know that GZ continued to look for him long enough for him to go into the house and change from dark-colored pants to light-colored khakis.  Bigotvoyants did not watch the 7 Eleven video so cannot explain how Trayvon had on light-colored khakis in the store.  The gift only allows bigotvoyants to see in black and white without shades in-between in convenience stores, malls, banks — places like that.

Bigovoyants have looked into the past and know that without seeing GZ through the windows of the house, Trayvon knew that GZ would not be on Retreat View Circle and was returning to his truck.   Trayvon knew that if he flew through the air, ran across rooftops and leaped over patio furniture, that he could make it back to the T at the right moment to ambush GZ as he approached it.   One bigotvoyant that posts regularly in comments to Yahoo articles about the GZ case uses the handle “Superthug” with a likeness of Trayvon in a cape, and speaks in first person, as a tribute for seeing everything that Trayvon did that night.

Bigotvoyants gave Trayvon pre-knowledge of everything he needed to attack GZ other than knowledge that GZ had a gun.  You see, when the gift of clairvoyance was handed out to mankind, only bigotvoyants received ability to know when others have a gun.   It’s this knowledge that makes them superior to others.

Bigotvoyants believe that GZ did not need the gift to know that Trayvon looked like he was on drugs or something and that something was wrong with him.  Bigotvoyants argue that this is not foreknowledge but fact since all Black males, with the exception of Bill Cosby, look like they are on drugs or something — they all look like they are up to no good.

With their gift of knowing everything that Trayvon would do and say, they hope to place Trayvon Martin on trial for being a thug in exchange for GZ tried for murder.


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