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Remembering Rev. Clementa Pickney And 8 Others– The Trial of Their Murderer Has Began

Dear Friends,

rev_pinckney_homepageTrial started today for the man who murdered 9 Black people in the Emanuel AME Church on June 17, 2015.  I’m currently working in getting details about today’s hearings so we can  follow the trial.

President Barack Obama delivered the eulogy for the Reverend Clementa Pickney who was among the dead.  Rev. Pickney was also a State Senator.  He was 41-years old.

Below is the video of the full eulogy.  Listening to it gives us an answer as to why Dylann Roof, an avowed White supremacist, selected that church to carry out the murders.


Black piano keys: Do you know?

The video is not just inspiring but it is also educational. Thanks so much for blogging this.

Black piano keys
At Carnegie Hall, gospel singer Wintley Phipps delivers perhaps the most powerful rendition of Amazing Grace ever recorded.

He says, “A lot of people don’t realize that just about all Negro spirituals are written on the black notes of the piano. Slaves were not permitted to use the white keys.

Probably the most famous on this slave scale was written by John Newton, who used to be the captain of a slave ship, and many believe he heard this melody that sounds very much like a West African sorrow chant. And it has a haunting, haunting plaintive quality to it that reaches past your arrogance, past your pride, and it speaks to that part of you that’s in bondage. And we feel it. We feel it. It’s just one of the most amazing melodies in all of human history.” After sharing the noteworthy history of the song…

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