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Charging Affidavit For Betty Shelby, Tulsa Officer Who Killed Terence Crutcher



Affidavit Filed With Court Says That Jose Baez Admitted His Knowledge That Casey Anthony Killed Her Daughter

Although I heard/watched Nancy Grace’s show when it was first reported that Caylee Anthony was missing, I did not follow the story, nor the trial of Casey Anthony.  When I heard that Casey was acquitted, my thought was that this was yet another case that would go cold because the State lacked evidence to identity the killer.  Little baby Caylee would never get justice.

It turns out that Casey filed for bankruptcy, and in her papers is an affidavit of Dominic Casey, a private investigator hired by Jose Baez.  ABC Action News obtained the affidavit.


Attorney Jose Baez and Casey Anthony

Dominic Casey alleges in the affidavit that Baez admitted that Casey Anthony killed and buried the body of her 2-year old daughter.  The affidavit also alleges that Baez told Dominic that he needed all the help he could get to find the body before someone else did.   According to Dominic’s affidavit, Casey wanted to implicate the man who discovered Casey’s body, suggesting to her attorneys that he kidnapped and killed Caylee.  According to Dominic, Casey made up the story about her dad sexually molesting her.

The documents filed by Dominic, (beginning on page 12 of the 15 page file that you can read by clicking here,) also allege that Jose Baez demanded and received sexual favors from Casey Anthony, and upon evidence, Dominic terminated his services to Baez.  It was thereafter when Baez retaliated and attempted to involve Dominic in a story of hiding Caylee’s body.

Dominic Casey’s affidavit has also been uploaded to the “Document” section of this blog on the right-side border.

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