Fund Raising Centerfold

Posted on 03/28/2013. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. ladystclaire



  2. Yep that’s the gz we know! LMFATAO

    wait till I show the *art* from the JA trial!!lol your gonna hurt your self laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Thank you Xena, I needed a good (falling off my chair) laugh.


  4. Good image, I would love to add my efforts in forensic statistics or where the money raised went. It’s a highly interesting story, if you look at it from different perspectives. I have to admit that I would have loved to hear the discussions between O’Mara and Fogen over the month. 😉

    Who, by the way, manages the fund now?


    • Welcome Leander!! If you want to write something about forensic statistics of GZ’s “defense fund” just let me know. We can post it as a separate article on the blog. Don’t know who manages the fund now but according to the info O’Mara puts out, whomever it is, is being paid.


      • Xena, I have to look into how to do tables on html. And for another week I have not much time.

        Concerning fund management look at the numbers. It’s about $ 250 a month now, and it used to be close to $1000. Of course whoever handles it only has to deal with 44% of average money raised each month in the first 8 month in 2012, but he also only gets 25% of for the handling. Which makes me wonder if the family is involved.

        What I do not quite manage to figure out is if the additionally money that seem to be not accounted for in 2012. Maybe the real fund management fees of about 4%, and that may in fact have triggered the shift. Remember Fogen realized that Paypal in fact deducted it’s own 3%. Is it possible that the header: Fund managment fees, only accounts for that?

        Strictly I think most people are bored by numbers, I simply love them, admittedly.

        In any case, considering the money he spent (or hid?) in 2012 may be the reason he is so fat now.

        I guess that many people could easily live several years in the same situation with not much chance to move around, and not just 8 month. That’s why it may make sense to visualize not only his ridiculous security. Even if you leave it out, I am being fair I deducted 3% for Paypal and $ 5,000 for the first bond from the money that never arrived under O’Mara’s header: HOW THE MONEY HAS BEEN SPENT. Now if I look only at the money for living expenses without security and add that extra money, that means: $ 15,709.81 per month of altogether 8 month.

        Impressive sum, don’t you think? Should we really wonder why he looks the way he does?

        I’ll think about it. Strictly I would like to, even if numbers bore people.


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