Chris Rock Was Wrong

Okayokayokay. That doesn’t mean that I think Will Smith’s response was right.  This isn’t an either-or where we should pick one person out as being right and the other wrong.  Both were wrong, with Chris Rock being the instigator.

I love movies (some more than others) and look forward to the Academy Awards each year.  2022 was no different.  What seems to be the major event of this year’s ceremony is not the actors, directors, etc., that received awards, but the slap that Will Smith gave to Chris Rock.

What I’ve notice since the slap is that many are supporting Chris Rock.  That’s okay if they think he is a victim.  What’s not okay is having double standards.  This is what I mean …

Chris was on stage to present an Oscar winner when he took time to joke first and said to actress Jada Pickette-Smith,

“Jada, I love you. GI Jane 2, can’t wait to see you,”

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Pinkett Smith announced she had shaved her head last year after being diagnosed with alopecia.  She did not shave her head to play a movie role.  Jada was not in the 1997 movie “GI Jane”.   In that film, actress Demi Moore shaved her head to play the role.

Jada shaved her head because of a medical condition. That is why it’s my position that Chris Rock was disrespectful, degrading, and flat-out wrong.


In 2012, Kathy Bates was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy.  In 2011, actress/comedian and Oscar host Wanda Sykes had a double mastectomy for breast cancer.

For those who think that the G.I. Jane comment directed to Jada by Rock was just a joke, what if Rock said to Sykes that he couldn’t wait to see her in “Misery 2” when breasts are “hoppled”?  Would that have been just a joke? 

Will Smith gave a statement saying;

“Jokes at my expense are a part of the job, but a joke about Jada’s medical condition was too much for me to bear and I reacted emotionally.”

You see, Will Smith saw that joke to be about Jada’s medical condition.  I did too, immediately after Rock delivered it.  It was wrong for Smith to respond with physical violence, and he has stated as much. Logically, Will knows what Jada has been through and is going through with alopecia.  It’s no joke.

It is never okay to joke about the medical condition of another of others.  Will Smith has apologized for his behavior.  It’s beyond time for Chris Rock to apologize for his insulting, disrespectful joke because of Jada’s medical condition.  He owes Jada and the Smith family an apology.  In fact, he owes everyone with alopecia an apology. 

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  1. For comedians nothing is off the table to joke about. They want full freedom of speech for all their jokes. My wife doesn’t like most comedians because she feels many go too far. When they are insulting or punching down, they will not have me as a fan either.

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    • Hi Glenn! I’m like your wife. There are/were comedians who are truly funny. They paint characters and stories, and some of the best jokes they deliver are about themselves, or even members of their family or their spouse.

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  2. I am in complete agreement with you!!! And you’re right … both Chris Rock and Will Smith were wrong, but Chris Rock was rude, crude, and offensive. It is NEVER ‘okay’ to make a joke about a person’s disability or medical condition … NEVER! I’m not familiar with Rock’s work, and at this point I don’t care if I never see a movie he plays in. Good post, my friend! Hope you are feeling well and fit these days.

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    • Hi Jill! You expressed that so well. As far as me, I have excellent hours, and tiring hours, but then too, I’ve had lots of personal things on my platter. It never seems to end. (sigh) Thanks so much for your well wishes.

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  3. Dreamer9177

    I really couldn’t care less about any of this, but you do make excellent points. I just don’t care about celebrities or awards shows in the least.

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    • In this case, it goes beyond celebrities and award shows. It has become a social issue. The media has gone overboard on it, without addressing the social issue. It is as if Jada is invisible and her feelings don’t matter to them.

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      • Dreamer9177

        Like I said, I agree with you. It’s just the individuals themselves who get attention while things like that and worse happen everyday, but no one “cares” because those people aren’t celebrities.

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