Happy Holidays 2021

Friends, followers, visitors,

Thank you for all of your support and patience during this trying year.  May the peace of this Holiday Season be with you and family.

The following video has become a tradition for the Holiday Season at We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident .  Hope you enjoy!  Be safe.  Wear a mask.

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  1. Dear Xena,

    It is good to spread the message of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Like you, I have just published a new and special post entitled “🎊 Season’s Greetings: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 🎄🎅☃️” to celebrate the festive season. The post combines art, graphics, poems, music and animations. May you relish my new post to your heart’s content!

    I hope that you will thoroughly enjoy the animations featured at my said post. If you were to visit my said post in situ, then you would be pleasantly surprised by a great number of extra features that cannot be seen via the WordPress Reader.

    I would also like to inform you that when you visit my blog, it is preferrable to use a desktop or laptop computer with a large screen to view the rich multimedia contents available for heightening your multisensory enjoyment at my blog, which could be too powerful and feature-rich for iPad, iPhone, tablet or other portable devices to handle properly or adequately. Please enjoy your browsing my blog at this festive season!

    Wishing you a 🎄🎊 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ☃️🎅!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderfully productive weekend doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most! Take care and prosper!

    Yours sincerely,

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    • Thanks for the comment and the invite. I just left your wonderful post. One of the reasons I don’t get around to doing much online anymore is because I don’t use portable devices — only my desktop or laptop.

      Thanks for the wonderful wishes, and the same to you!

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      • Dear Xena,

        You are very welcome. Good on you for using only your desktop or laptop! It is surprising or even disconcerting that many folks try to do everything or most things on their small portable devices such as smart phones. I have never found myself enamoured with small screens. I do not mind those fantastic apps, as they provide useful information and services. I just do not appreciate the limitations of any device with a small screen, which to me is the Achilles’ heel and a deal breaker.

        Sometimes I feel that the smart phones are somewhat overrated, considering that portable computer devices are especially plagued with unresolved limitation in functionality, rapid obsolescence and problems of disposal, resulting in billions of these portable devices going to landfills and poisoning the environment every year, plus a whole host of other issues, including labour exploitation and workplace health and safety.

        In addition, it is just a phase that current mobile devices have such tiny screens. Hopefully, they will have (very) large screens in the coming years, when, in the not too distant future, scrollable, paper-thin technology will arrive, and the ultra-thin mobile device will have a screen as big as a newspaper or magazine, yet it is very light, foldable and/or scrollable, meaning that it can be collapsed or folded up to put in one’s pocket. So, when such foldable, collapsible or rollable mobiles become available, most or all of the current web apps developed for small screens of current mobile devices (and the need for, and limitation imposed by, texting and SMS messaging) will be obsolete or superfluous, whilst the usual websites will continue and function as they have been for many decades in the past, and many more decades into the future.

        The “Epaper” of the future is going to be great since it has enough screen estate to provide a virtual keyboard for us to type on its screen. And you can resize and slide the virtual keyboard to any part of the large screen. Furthermore, “epaper” can interface with any plug & Play device such as a mouse, pen, keyboard, printer/scanner and so on. “epaper” can also be a high-quality photo and video camera, and is very light and pliable so that it won’t break should it fall to the ground on a hard surface. And I like it that I can fold and/or roll it to any size. It is the ultimate portable virtual desktop that has all of the functionalities of a smart phone but can do so much more.

        “Epaper” will be using new technologies and biodegradable/recyclable materials. And since it has a very large surface, it can recharge very quickly using solar power. I am not referring to solar cells, which is already old technology. New solor technology uses ultra-thin films or paints as well as new class(es) of batteries or energy storage.

        There will be also new electronic circuits that are much smaller and are molecule-based, not necessarily or no longer silicon-based. Then there will also be increasing deployment of nano technology, and possibly later, quantum computing.

        If you want a physical keyboard or even a musical keyboard, you can connect it to “epaper” physically or wirelessly.

        In contrast, smart phones and the like are very wasteful, toxic and have poisoned as well as caused neurological diseases in workers at factories.

        Some of the new technologies are in their conceptual/research phases; others are in early trials.

        Now, what I have commented here is long and detailed enough to constitute a post in its own right!

        Thank you for visiting and commenting on my said post. There are even better posts on my blog than the one that you just visited. For example, in my post entitled “🎴 If My Name Were Moon Tonight… 🌛🌝🎑🈷 with Clair de Lune 🌕“, you get the chance to watch my dynamic animation produced in high resolution (1920 x 1280) synchronized perfectly to Debussy’s Clair de Lune. The effects are going to be great on the large screen of your desktop or laptop.

        This animation-intensive post is the result of my dramatic attempt to bring the Full Moon alive, so to speak, in the form of Music Animation with Dynamic Visualization presented in high definition and imbued with a scintillating full moon surrounded by eye-catching astronomical phenomena and stellar activities!

        Moreover, the post contains twelve poetic stanzas constituting my rhyming poem entitled “If My Name Were Moon Tonight…“.

        There is also the opportunity to savour my own rendition of “Clair de Lune” recorded on the organ.

        The direct link to the post is:


        The animation starts calmly and will gradually climax. Please enjoy the animation on the big high-resolution screen of your desktop or laptop computer. I am certainly very keen and curious about what you will make of my said post and look forward to reading your feedback there at the post.

        Yours sincerely,


        • Soundeagle,
          When you started talking about smart phones, you lost me. This year, the home healthcare agencies have been horrible assigning assistants. So, my son got me a cell phone so I can schedule rides with Uber. Until then, I had a flip phone. It did not download apps or access the internet. I only turned it on when leaving the house in the event of an emergency.

          I would love having the energy to read all of the blogs I follow on a daily basis, and although I’ve made effort to return to the older days before chemo when I did that, I just can’t seem to muster up the energy to do it on a regular basis. I do appreciate your invite and will drop-in as my energy allows.

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  2. Much love to you, and many safe air hugs coming your way,

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