Donald Trump, It’s Too Late

He has had 10 months to learn about Covid-19.

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  2. The Lincoln Project has certainly been scathing with these ads. You know things are bad when a Republican group is going hard in the paint against Trump. That is a powerful ad though.

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    • Ospreyshire,
      Indeed! Are you familiar with Michael Steele? I first learned of him when McCain was running for president. Steele was the RNC Chairperson. He is a regular contributor on MSNBC. Although he says he is still Republican, seeing how Obama was attacked and the attempt to set him up for failure by Republicans sickened Steele. He is with the Lincoln Project.

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      • Thanks. I’ve seen that name before, but I didn’t know who he was. Thanks for telling me about him. I find it interesting that he is a contributor to MSNBC since they tend to have a DNC bias, but it’s good how that channel can get some kind of bipartisan support and representation despite my issues with mainstream media.

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  3. Like

  4. Seeing the news when the riots occurred … I hope everything will be peaceful


  5. I am very sad to see the news all day about USA.

    There is so much chaos at this time, may all of us be safe and peaceful.


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