Donald Trump’s Version of Law and Order Is Nonsensical

Donald John Trump, the impeached president of the United States who Senate Republicans refused to remove from office, uses “law and order” to intimidate three groups.  The first group are protesters.  If enough of them are blinded by rubber bullets, maybe they will stop protesting. The second group are people afraid of protesters believing that all protests and marches are riots. (Trump has so far identified that group “suburban housewives”.) The third group are Republicans who have strange, generalized beliefs that all Democrats are evil.

In an unbalanced, prejudicial, generalized manner, Trump represents all protests as riots.  He postures all as taking place in cities with Democratic mayors or states with Democratic Governors.  There are too many cities and states to list, but not all looting and vandalism occurred in Democratic led cities or states.  Additionally, there were attacks by people upon protesters that Trump does not mention.  There was also great physical harm caused by police on protesters and journalists.


Maybe Trump is threatening to send mercenaries to American cities after he realized that there are police who understand, agree with, and will not harm peaceful protesters.

While it is true that some protests included damage to property and looting, Trump is not addressing the root “law and order” issue.

On May 25, 2020, where was law and order for George Floyd? 

Indeed, an officer of the law casually tortured Floyd for over 8 minutes until he died.  The video of Floyd’s death went viral, waking-up many people to just how “law and order” is abuse of power and cover-up with dishonest police reports.

Defunding the Police Is Not Eliminating Police Departments

In retaliation and in hope of boasting his campaign, Trump has taken “defund the police” to misrepresent it as eliminating police departments.

America has millions of people, and a group cannot and does not speak for everyone.  Thus, while it is true that some might hate the police and like to see them vanish, others understand that the police are not qualified in many areas.  As one example, if the police who took Floyd into custody believed that he was high on drugs and/or alcohol, why wasn’t medical assistance called?  The police are not medical personnel.  We’ve already seen cases where ill people trying to get help died as a result of police making bad decisions.  Casey Kressin of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and Deborah Danner of the Bronx come to mind.

To defund the police is to direct money to other sources who do have the experience to deal with people who abuse intoxicating substances or who need a welfare check.  My concern about that however, is that turning those issues over to others in the system might have its own abuses.

Trump’s campaign of fear might lead some to believe that his brand of law and order is prevention.   In reality, unless people live in a “stop and frisk” community, the police are not used to prevent crime.  Rather, the police show-up after a crime has been committed.

As usual, Trump says things without explaining how he’s going to go about bringing it to reality.   By his demonstration, Trump’s version of law and order is gassing and shooting rubber bullets at protesters so he can cross the street, stand in front of a church that he does not attend, and hold a Bible upside down for a photo op.



Trump and His Administration Seem To Believe That the Law and Rules Are Whatever He Wants

The Trump Administration has gone into courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States, unable to support his reasons for doing whatever he wants.

On June 18, 2020, Reuters reported that the Trump administration has lost 79 out of 85 cases involving federal agencies on deregulatory or policy issues.  Those cases are tracked by the Institute for Policy Integrity, which is a think tank connected to New York University School of Law.

In a June 20, 2020 article published in The Atlantic and written by Neal K. Katyal (Former Acting Solicitor General of the U.S.) and Joshua A. Geltzer, (Executive Director of the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection), they wrote about why Trump’s legal arguments fail;


“This sounds technical, and Trump’s defenders are trying to paint it that way. It isn’t. Trump keeps losing not because of something obscure, but because of something fundamental: his abuse of the executive branch. Much of his administration’s approach to governance rests on attempting executive actions that lack any meaningful justification rooted in expertise, or even rational thought.”

The “law and order” president appears to be nothing more than someone who talks trash to abuse his power, gets sued, and loses.

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  1. Hello Xena. It does seem Republicans have run for decades on fear, but tRump has taken it to the highest level because he really does have deep fears of people. He runs on emotions like a child trying to satisfy his immediate wants.

    I hope the photojournalist Linda Tirado can sue the officer and force who clearly was out to hurt and cause harm which shouldn’t be in their job description. Hugs

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  2. Xena, we are living in Trump’s America. He thinks his tweets and incompetence made America great gain, he wants another four years to ‘make America great again, again.’ He believes Americans are suckers and will believe him no matter his lies by design or pathology.

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    • Angela,
      Each time Trump opens his mouth, I am reminded what I learned about abusers and addicts. After abusers have caused great harm, they remind victims of something they purchased for them, or something good that they did. Some will even lie about what they did that was good. Trump sounds like that each time he promotes the economy, leaving out all the harm he has brought not only on Americans, but also upon migrants.

      The empty promises and waiting sounds like an alcoholic or drug addict when faced with people cutting them out of their lives. They make the same empty promises, such as “If you give me the money, I promise to go into rehab. Give me one more chance.”

      “Make America Great Again” has never been explained by Trump. He does not say what period he is referring to when America was great. I agree with a letter to the Editor published in the LA Times which says in pertinent part;

      But Trump slyly has avoided specifying when America was great, nor has he said what made it great. There’s no need for him to do so — not where the president’s cynical dog-whistles recall those halcyon mid-20th century days when blacks were kept in the back of the bus, gays were kept in the closet, and women were kept pregnant and in the kitchen.

      Thanks for your comment, Angela. The best to you.

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