Joliet, IL Police Sargent Punished For Blowing Whistle About The Suffocation of Eric Lurry by Police.

Hat Tip To Roderick2012 for the news story.

In May 2020, Scottie published a post titled “Rather Good Question.” “Why do cops come out in full force to protect their worst?”

The answer to that question is layered, and based on what has happened to Joliet, IL police Sgt. Javier Esqueda, we can see that one reason cops don’t blow the whistle on cops is because of retribution.

Chicago CBSlocal reports:

“Joliet police Sgt. Javier Esqueda blew the whistle on the death of Eric Lurry in police custody, and now he has been stripped of his police powers and placed on administrative leave.”

Eric Lurry died in January 2020 while in the back of a police car at the police station. After 5 months, Sgt. Esqueda blew the whistle about the video and after 27 years of service, has now been stripped of his badge, gun, and police car.

There’s much to this story, including allegations of tampering with the video.  The audio cuts out just after the handcuffed Eric Lurry is slapped.  Sgt. Doug May grabs Eric around his throat and holds his nostrils close for 1 minute, 38 seconds.

“Esqueda says Lurry appears to be passing out with a piece of a torn plastic baggie lodged in the back of his mouth. Instead of calling for an ambulance immediately, Sgt. Doug May, hold [sic] his nose.”

Eric Lurry

Police say that Eric Lurry placed drugs in his mouth.  The coroner ruled Eric’s cause of death as a drug overdose.

Esqueda was placed on administrative leave and is now under a criminal and an internal investigation, accused of unauthorized access to video evidence.

Sgt. May, who is seen in the video slapping and holding Eric’s nostrils together, was also placed on administrative leave pending the results of an internal investigation.

Dave Savini is the investigativer reporter working the story.  He can be followed at @davesavinicbs2

The following video includes an interview of Esqueda and portions of the video from the police car when Eric Lurry’s ability to breath was impeded.



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  1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention – another life lost forever in the hands of those who are supposed to keep us safe. None of us are safe. No one can expect justice, as everyone seems to have a strange form of amnesia when these acts pertain to behaviors that have long term and deadly consequences. Games posted by irascible men in and out of uniform. The people our lives depend on in times of need whether or not a law has been broken it’s not for them to decide to take a life as punishment. And it feels like this is only the tip of a very large, birthing iceberg sit and take some news breaks due to my disgust of the nature of how people with terminal illnesses like metastatic cancer will die – caused indirectly by Covid. As a country the heat of the summer has shifted humanity caused by fear to egotism, greed, and everyone for themselves. These unnecessary deaths one and all no matter the cause be they police officers taking the law and using it to kill unarmed, indefensible people or the inability to get access to healthcare because hospitals aren’t safe enough for us to get care. I cannot watch one more video of the selfish “anti mask – my rights are being violated because I cannot do whatever I please even if it adversely effects others” are the same horrific attitudes that killed this father, husband, son, and American with the same rights as all of us are supposed to have. We should all be afraid to see this violence against anyone – and whomever thought a black president might open racist minds was dead wrong.

    My tears fall and my heart falls farther from my chest walls.
    There was once a time I felt safe and at ease and now know that was only a response to the disguise of how bad things truly have become and how far we have slipped away from any progress. I hope we aren’t doomed to a police state without privacy or even a right to simply live if we are born and reside today in this America I don’t recognize as my home anymore.


    • Ilene,
      Please allow me to apologize the amount of time it took to see your comment. For whatever reason, it went to the spam folder. For several months now this blog as received the same comment numerous times everyday to the tune of accumulating over 2,000. Word Press sends them to the spam folder and there are so many that I cannot go through to see if there is a comment in spam that shouldn’t be. Then, Comcast went oopsie last week and I had no internet or phone until this evening. Even the television was stuck on one channel.

      When I did log-in tonight, I discovered that spam had been removed down to 2; your comment and another in a foreign language. So, Word Press must have intervened.

      Regarding your comment. What you say is true.
      People such as ourselves who have or are living with an illness that can be fatal, understand the importance of living. Life is precious. Of the folks who say that wearing a mask violates their freedom, they never say what freedom. What about violating the lives of those who want to live. Each time I return from the grocery store, I take a deep sigh, knowing the job before me to sanitize food packaging. I might be a bit less anal about it if not the fact that some folks in the store are not wearing masks, possibly breathing germs and Covid on food packaging.

      Since I was a little girl and victim of a teen who threw me on the ground and forced money from my hand, I’ve understood that the police only serve and protect those they want who reside in certain areas with certain skin colors. Fast forward decades when I called the police because someone broke into a rental property. A back window was forced open and since then up to the time I sold the property in the mid-90’s, I waited for the police to come and take fingerprints.

      That’s Chicago, so when I hear those such as Trump talk about crime in Chicago, they are not totally informed. I know of those who called the police and when they arrived, accused the caller of being the suspect for the crime committed against them. I know how retaliation began in Chicago because police would not act. I remember how Fred Hampton got street gangs to stop violence, and how he was assassinated in his bed. Thereafter, street gangs turned to selling drugs. It would take local politicians to plow the field and plant new seed starting police departments from scratch because the roots of the weeds grow deep.

      Thanks for your comment, and here’s continuing to send you positive vibes for a long life.


  2. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Hello Xena. Thank you for posting this. We can not reform the police actions until we can get the thug like bad apples off the police forces and oust the police unions that protect them over the good police officers. Here is an officer that did the right thing, but because it makes his department look bad and the upper levels in charge look like they condone this type of behavior, the good officer doing the right thing must be made to pay the penalty for speaking out. We must support the whistleblowers, the good police putting themselves and careers on the line and help them get the bad officers out of the police departments. Best wishes Xena, be well. Hugs


  3. Xena, other questions: why do prosecutors look the other way when there is police corruption and violence? That allows it to flourish as it has. Why do lawmakers? Why are cops heavily funded and the community left to starve? How much of police brutality in Black communities is racism vs. the first phase of gentrification?

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    • Angela,
      Good questions, and the answers might be numerous reasons. Based on my personal experience with prosecutors; I had the experience of being victim to a crime committed by a City employee. The prosecutor (actually, an assistant State’s Attorney who also acts as the gate-keeper to the State Attorney), stated to me that he would not charge because they(SA) work for the city. Since police also work for the city, I suppose the same favoritism is afforded to them.

      Just my opinion, but cops are heavily funded because of citizens now being heavily armed. Whether we point to the current interpretation of the Second Amendment, the NRA, or gun peddlers, there is need to protect cops with body armor. Another reason is while there are some of the opinion that cops are underpaid, municipalities have needed to raise wages because frankly, they are having a difficult time hiring cops. Many of today’s cops are former military.

      Based on numerous studies, the majority of police brutality in Black communities is because of racial prejudice. The “bad cops” extend that to racial bigotry which carries White Supremacist ideologies. Not many cops in the communities they work in actually live in those communities, or know anything about the people, the small business owners, or who is whom.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

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