U.S. President Donald J. Trump Impeached

December 18, 2019 is a day that goes down in history.  U.S. President Donald J. Trump was impeached by a majority vote in the U.S. House of Representatives.

House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, has not yet given the passed Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, which is led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Senators are to be impartial jurors at impeachment trials. McConnell has made public statements that he is not impartial and is working with White House personnel on how to conduct Trump’s trial.

During the debate in the House,  Republicans representatives presented their defense of Trump by accusing Democrats of wanting Trump impeached before he was sworn into office.  They made redundant and spurious arguments that Trump did not abuse his power when he made an Ukrainian investigation into Crowdsource and Joe and Hunter Biden conditional on releasing defense aid to Ukraine that Congress had already approved.

According to the Guardian;

“newly-released government emails show that it took only about 90 minutes after Donald Trump’s infamous July telephone call to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy for White House officials to order the Pentagon to freeze military funding for Ukraine.”

Congress is on break until after the Holidays.



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  1. #MerryImpeachmus

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  2. Let us hope that our courts with their judicial tenures are impeached! ☕️🙏☕️


    • HA! The problem will be replacing the judges with ethical judges, and I do have the opinion that federal judges should be elected rather than appointed.

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      • The entire judicial system, elected or appointed is, I (and colleagues)consider antiquated . Hopefully there will be cameras available for every court hearing to aid at determining every verdict, judgement or decision. And if there are any ethical judges, he or she may sit and apply the appropriate law. The applied law should be voted and decided justifiably by an inconspicuous body of ethical citizens.🙏😎👍


      • My experience is that the entire judicial system is gone! Too much power was given to them back in a time when men were more honest and had not met with the spoils of technological greed with other advancements. Most people are not aware of the many Nazi acts that are happening. Soon you will know.


        • I don’t want to paint with a broad brush as it concerns individual judges. And, I do want to distinguish that I am speaking about the federal system and not the judicial systems of states. (They are varied.) The federal civil system is document driven, with magistrate judges at the driver’s wheel until documents are presented for final decisions. Then, those documents go before a district court judge who has never heard the oral arguments of litigants. In some districts, law clerks actually decide cases and write opinions. I’ve seen written opinions that distinctly have more than one writing style, indicating the input of more than one law clerk. It makes me wonder what federal district court judges actually do in civil cases.

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          • The entire court system is gone! Gone! I cannot disagree with you because you have your own understanding. But I do know for a fact that what I am saying or implicating, is true. Cameras in the courtrooms federal, state, circuit will prove the fail. I hope you are doing well and having a restful day Xena! 😨😣😨


          • I don’t doubt what you’re saying. Some state courts have automatic oral recording of hearings in family court. Most appellate courts have cameras. Other than that, at least in civil cases in Illinois, litigants must provide their own court reporters. Transcripts are used by the court. If there are cameras in all courtrooms, how will litigants be able to order and present them? That’s a serious question. It’s already difficult for some litigants to obtain transcripts because they cannot afford the costs.

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          • The system will end soon! One victory will be cameras in the courtrooms everywhere! Real civil rights will take care of availability and costs. The good news is, eyes will be opened to all that has been happening. And more victories will follow. Court reporters, law enforcement are currently being manipulated by corrupt judges. We really need to get others to pray for Trump, the senate, courts, democrats and the Republicans. Before the Lord returns there will be many great devastations and a period of peace. Man cannot appreciate the light without going through darkness. 🥵


          • I can’t disagree or agree, but do have a question and hope this doesn’t lead to a far off topic subject. You wrote “Before the Lord returns …” Have you ever looked up the definitions in Greek that were translated “appear” “appearing” “comes” and “coming” in the New Testament?

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          • No or cannot recall.🤔


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