Recurrence of Breast Cancer. Cancer Stem Cells.

Actress and singer Olivia Newton-John was diagnosed with recurrence of breast cancer after 20 years. Actress and singer Dianne Carroll recently died after battling breast cancer.  She was first diagnosed in 1998.

In my latest visit with my oncologist I brought this up asking how breast cancer returned after so many years.  He explained to me the difference between estrogen receptor and Her2 positive breast cancer.  Although I had an aggressive type of cancer cells (Her2 positive), the prognosis is better at having no recurrence after 5 years.  Something he said also made me very sad.  He said that estrogen receptor breast cancer never goes away.   What causes breast cancer to return?

In July 2018, the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, published a study titled “Breast Cancer Stem Cells”.   The study was funded by a National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute grant.

Researchers, as well as many cancer patients, have wondered why there is recurrence of cancer.   As long as there is possibility of the cancer returning, patients live on egg shells.

Researchers have found cancer stem cells.  The stem cells are given as reason for the returning of cancer.   The study talks about molecular pathways and there is lots of scientific language used in the  study.  The best way I can put it in layman’s terms is by using an analogy.  There is a mother ship in tumors.  The mother ship communicates with cells causing them to divide uncontrollably, building tumors and taking over the planet/body.  The mother ship is resistant to chemotherapy drugs and radiation.  As long as the mother ship exists, it seeks to survive.

In another study published in October 2018 by the same organization, it reports:

“Cancer stem cells (CSCs) make up a small subpopulation of cells within a tumor, are capable of self-renewal and, are responsible for tumor initiation, formation, and recurrence.”

The good news is that in September 2015, professional studies were published reporting that 6-Shoal, a content found in ground ginger, kills cancer stem cells.

I would never suggest that any cancer patient forsake traditional treatment for herbal treatment.  However, I incorporated ground ginger into my diet while having treatment.  The way I thought about it is, it couldn’t hurt.   I was originally scheduled for 7 treatments with 4 drugs.  Because of allergies and side-effects, I only received one treatment with 4 drugs.  One teaspoon of ground ginger became part of my daily diet.  In March after surgery, the pathologist’s report of tissue and lymph nodes removed found no cancer cells.  The tumor had gone.   In August, I had my post-surgery PET scan.  It was clean.   For the next 3 months I still have to go for labs and port flushes, and another PET scan is on the horizon in January.  Then, the port is removed and I should only have to go for labs and tests every 6 months.

A warning to diabetic patients.  Ginger balances blood sugar, so anyone who is taking insulin and wants to take ginger should monitor their blood sugar.  If you have any illness that requires ongoing medication, talk to your doctor before taking ginger.


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  1. Carry on my dear! We’re with you. My sister has been in therapy for nearly a year.I don’t want too optimistic, but she seems to be winning the fight. It was the most severe of breast cancers. Therapy will continue for a few months.

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    • Thank you, and my prayers and positive thoughts for your sister. Therapy can be drooling, but the encouragement comes with the thought that without it, cancer wins without a battle. I hope your sister continues the good fight. Please give her my encouragement and best wishes.


  2. Hi Xena! What an amazing find! Healing is not a bunch of medications but simple God-given remedies. You are so smart and very blessed to be so smart! It is always nice to hear from you. Cheers!❤️

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    • Thanks so much for your kind words and glory given to God. When I was diagnosed, I started reading studies. There’s a saying, “If God leads you to it, he’ll lead you through it.” When it comes to natural remedies for cancer, there are too many of them. I felt overwhelmed, and then came the study about ground ginger. Most cancer centers recommend that chemo patients drink ginger ale to help with nausea. What they don’t tell us is that ground ginger has loads of healing qualities.

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  3. Awesome result and thanking you for the valuable research. I’m finally seeing an integrative oncologist at UCSF Monday after a 6 month wait. I will bring this up as I am certain he’s aware and uses it with his patients.
    Much love,

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  4. Hi ….me too I have breast cancer Her2 2 positive….I’m in tratament,but now,after a year,I can say I’m feeling ok…

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    • Happy to meet you, Iulia. Are you being treated with Herceptin, by chance? I’m currently in what is called conservative follow-up and looking forward to getting the port removed soon. Keep your chin up.

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      • Hi.Yes…I’m making the Herceptine now


      • Hi,sorry for not seeing your comment,I eas doing herceptin 1 year,after zoladex,but now I decided to rennounce to Zoladex and I also rennounced tamoxifen almost from the beginning.I am ok,the condition is not to eat animal protein at all,sugar, mill,butter and so on….I will try to post an idea of cancer diet soon here….🙏🤗


        • Iulia,
          No apology necessary for not seeing my comment. Eliminating sugar and white potatoes was my first action after my diagnosis. What I learned thereafter about ground ginger is in the post. I would be honored if you post your ideas of a cancer diet.

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  5. Good on listening to what your body needs.

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