It’s also White Supremacy taking advantage of the First and Second Amendments.  Too many are now one-man “militias” under the auspice of helping the government wage race war on American soil.   


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  1. It is white supremacist committing these horrendous terror acts. It is our own president that opened the door and encouraged their actions. We must all resist, fight to rid our government of the fascist government in our white house and Republican Senate.

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    • True. I truly believe that Trump is all too aware of his provocations. He’s like the bully gang leader that sends out code words to get others to do his dirty work for him.

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  2. Two sides to a story

    True. But couldn’t that form of extreme hatred also be a form of mental illness? In my opinion, trophy hunting is some form of psychological derangement too.


    • Hi Two Sides,
      I do not personally believe that hatred against a group of people is a form of mental illness. It’s more along the lines of cultist behavior. Those attracted to it want to belong, and want to believe that by belonging they are better than others who do not. So, there’s a seed there that results in hate. It might even be self-hatred.


  3. chuquestaquenumber1

    Hello Xena and everyone. Like the new design. Mental Illness is used as an excuse for white killers so people can be sympathetic or they get less punishment. Think about it when was the last time anyone called the gun violence in Chicago based on mental illness. Also these are not mentally ill people. All of these shooters plan these killings for days ,weeks sometimes years in advance. The write documents detailing why they are committing or going to commit these mass murders. They even make videos doing dry runs. Many of these killers even stump law enforcement when it comes to evidence retrieval. Mentally ill people can’t do these things. These killers are of sound mind.


    • Chuquest, good seeing you.
      I agree. Mental illness and video games exist in other countries, but people don’t go on mass killing sprees. Among their plans are purchasing weapons intended for use by the military in war situations. Yep. They are of sound mind and know exactly what they are doing.


  4. I wonder if mental illness make whites gravitate towards white supremacy/white nationalism


    • Angela,
      In my opinion, no. It is fear and failure. It’s pretty much the same things that causes people to gravitate towards religious cults. There’s a promise that if they believe a certain way, that it makes them better than others; will give them power over others; make them special. They fear that unless they adopt the ideologies, that they will be failures in life.

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  5. That meme really tells it like it is.


    • It sure does, ospreyshire. I heard someone tonight speaking in defense of Trump saying that the problem is mental health. They have closed their eyes to what motivated the murderers. It wasn’t mental illness but hatred and racial bigotry. The GOP does not want to address that.

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      • Exactly! The mental health card is way too predictable. Most people with mental illness don’t even act like that. Of course they don’t want to address the elephant in the room.


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