The Battle Is The Lord’s

In 1983, I became aware of Christian Contemporary Music.  One artist that I fell in love with is Bryan Duncan.  Bryan considers himself a “misfit for church”.  I can relate to that.  Some of his music carries elements of Blues and Jazz that I really enjoy.

Bryan Duncan


Bryan Duncan is a Dove Award and Grammy Award winning artist who has sold over a million records.  Along with being lead singer in at least 2 bands and singing on compilations, he has also written two books and is a member of the Black Sheep Harley Davidson’s For Christ.


My heart is heavy for those on the metastatic breast cancer journey.  When cooking, I like listening to music.  This evening, it was Bryan Duncan’s “Joyride” CD.   When I heard the song below, I thought of those on the journey, and the song became my prayer for them.

Be encouraged.



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  1. I used to listen to a ton of CCM and I recognize that name. Back when I was a kid, I would collect the WOW CDs, and I remember two of his songs “Don’t Look Away” and “After This Day Is Gone”.

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    • Ospreyshire,
      I loved the CCM of the 80’s and if not for that time, I might have missed what came about later. Around the same time I first heard Bryan Duncan, I also heard the Allies. They broke up and their lead singer, Bob Carlisle went solo. He is best known for “Butterfly Kisses.” I remember buying DC Talk for a youth group, and later came Gospel Gangsters. By the time Kirk Franklin came along, I was actually shocked at the criticism he received for CCM. I thought by that time it as acceptable, especially for young people.

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      • I see. I’ve never heard of The Allies, but I know who Bob Carlisle is. Butterfly Kisses was a hit on both Christian and secular radio when I was a kid. I certainly know DC Talk, Gospel Gangsters, and Kirk Franklin. I has some of DC Talk’s music and some solo works from Kevin Max (Stereotype Be is an underrated album), TobyMac’s first two albums, and even the !Hero soundtrack which had Michael Tait playing Jesus in that musical.

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        • I’ll have to check out Toby Mac and the soundtrack you mention. Thanks for the head’s up.

          Here’s Bob Carlisle video, and the second is him with Bryan Duncan in a fun duo as the “Self-Righteous Brothers”. They took Sam & Dave’s “I Thank You” to church. 🙂

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  2. That’s a good song! Thanks for sharing!

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