True Leadership

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  1. Very wise thoughts, indeed.


  2. Not many will mess with a wolf pack in the first place. They have a reputation.


  3. I like it!!! BUT… my brother is always saying: “A leader with no followers is just a man taking a stroll…” (not sure where he got that from, but I love it!)


  4. By the way, how’s XENA???


    • Roach,
      Blessed and highly favored. Thanks for asking. Don’t know if you read the post, but the pathologist’s report came back finding no cancer cells. The same is true for the cancer/tumor marker test for cancer cells in the blood stream. Still, I’m on targeted drug treatments because the type of cancer cells were progressive and it had spread to the lymph nodes under my right armpit before treatment began in October. Four were removed when I had surgery and no cancer cells were found. However, all it takes is one to hide out somewhere and wait for several years before it builds a tumor, so the targeted drugs are to prevent that. (((((Hugs)))))

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  5. Thanks for sharing, great info!


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