Catching Up But Still Behind

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It’s been a week since I published a post.  My, time does fly.  It’s not that I can’t think of anything to write.  In fact, there are about 10 different posts I want to write.  Several are results of trials.  There is an award I need to accept, (thanks, Ilene), and I can’t leave politics out of what is on my mind.

Yesterday, I managed to catch-up on 5 days of blogs that I follow, but there are over 400 Word Press notifications of blog posts in my in-box.  I might not be able to catch-up on those, but try to start fresh this week.  Please forgive me if you’ve not seen me on your blog recently.

Just when I thought I would have more time to write after recovering from surgery, I experienced government and hospital programs designed to help senior citizen patients.  With the exception of 2 out of about 10 individuals, dealing with them has become stressful and a waste of time.

I’m drawing boundaries now.  That, and after a hard, snowy and icy winter, I had my carpet cleaned.  It makes no sense having numerous people tracking up my carpet when the only thing they do is ask questions about things they cannot resolve, and leave saying they will see me again next week, or next month.

Tomorrow starts another day with yet another personal assistant.   If she shows, (and it wouldn’t be the first time that the agency said someone was coming but didn’t), it means taking her through at least an hour of orientation.  About 90 percent of the assistance I need is in preparing meals.  Because I’m allergic to soybean oil, I have to cook meals from scratch.   It’s become increasingly difficult finding a personal assistant who can do more in the kitchen than turn on a microwave.   The last one claimed she didn’t know how to cook Success rice, (instructions are on the box).

I have yet to see Avengers End Game.  I wanted to wait until there were no crowds, but then my oncologist started me on the immunology drugs.  I don’t know if I can sit through a 3 hour movie with the muscle pains.   On my list of movies to rent On Demand is Bohemian Rhapsody.   The other week I rented The Green Book and really enjoyed it.

This post can be used for open discussion in the comment section below.  I’ll try to post headlines and links as time allows.



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  1. You’ll have time to catch up. I hope things get better and you’re doing well.

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  2. Sending hugs and best wishes. ❤

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  3. Don’t worry about us, you take care of yourself. Me, I’ve been having fun Trolling on Bonespurs Twitter page, too much fun maybe! lol

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    • Hi Jim. The truth is that I miss blogging. If I can keep people out of my house, I might have more time. LOL!

      Seldom do I see Trump’s tweets. They remind me too much of a 4 year old throwing tantrums. Good for you that you have the patience.

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      • 4yr old throwing a Tantrum just about covers it and there are a lot of like minded people like me doing the same thing. I started out about a month or so ago with a profile I made back in 2006 or so that I had never really used with no followers at all. Now I have more than 350, about 1/3 are Veterans like me who are pissed he violated his Oath of Office and another 1/3 at least are ex Republicans who got sick of him and joined the Blue Wave. He’s having a serious meltdown today, I think it’s either because all of Mike Flynns testimony is going to be unredacted and released to the Public in time for Meuller to talk about it to Congress or it might be because Deutch Bank has come up with evidence of him and Jarrod laundering money for the Russians. Watching his Corrupt World collapse around his ears is a joy to behold. lol
        You take care of yourself, Xena.

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        • Jim,
          I’m XenaBb7 on Twitter. Give me a follow, send me a DM, and I’ll follow you back. I’m straddle the fence when it comes to Trump leaving office before the next election. That’s because we’ll get Pence, and he is more dangerous than Trump, IMO. Trump behaves and sounds silly, but Pence has a way of sounding sincere. Pence has also operated in stealth. If the office falls to him and he decides to run for president, debating him will be difficult because other than his bigotry towards gays and women, not much is known about him. I’m leaning to seeing Trump lose the next election rather than being impeached or resigning, unless Pence resigns first. Remember what happened with Agnew and Ford?

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          • I found you right on top of Sybrina Fultons post on her running for office and followed you, I’m eurekajim on Twitter too with the same avatar. :o)

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  5. Your health comes first. Don’t force yourself to Post if you are not feeling up to it. You don’t owe anyone explanations. Focus on you.

    As for the political situation in this country well that’s not going to change any time soon. Reading the newspaper and watching TV is an exercise in futility and depression.

    That’s why I no longer write posts about what goes on. I’m getting older and now is the time to change direction. I take care of myself and my brother Stephen.

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  6. Xena, here’s hoping everything comes together smoothly very soon. ❤️ {{{HUGS}}} ❤️

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  7. Two sides to a story

    Sounds like normal life – always catching up! Glad you’re well enough to see all the humor in agencies sending you assistants who can’t cook. Have courage!

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    • Two sides,
      This has been a wake-up call for me. There appears to be a generation of women who think that cooking means putting something in the microwave or ordering pizza. I think too that the are discouraged when they see the seasonings in my kitchen, and don’t know of any besides salt and pepper. Now, I’m not critical of those who can live eating pre-processed foods, but I can’t. Even if I could, I don’t think they would become my daily meals.


  8. Here’s some love from me to you. Rest up. 💛

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  9. wonderful making
    time for relaxation!
    may things catch up
    to your pleasant moment 🙂

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  10. Oh, my gosh, you are forgiven ! ! I’ve been too busy with work, too. ( Just one day off, and 2 hour overtime almost everyday ! !

    And please take care and get well soon

    Politics stresses me out .

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    • Ren,
      Two hours of overtime a day is a very loooong day. I’m surprise you have time to even come online.

      I found something that stresses me out more than politics — personal assistants. Out of 4, only 1 has been great. The others consisted of 1 hard of hearing, another who is passive-aggressive, (she claimed knowing how to do things, then when told, said I had to show her which meant I ended up doing the work myself), and now the agency has sent me an alcoholic who takes nips in the bathroom and comes out talking non-stop for 3 hours. LOL!


  11. I understand. I feel I could have written this post. I, too, am no where near the spring chicken part of life, turning 65 this year, and dealing with more cancer and radiation. After this is over another medical issue appear in another area. Life has been trying to put me down for decades and I punch each in the face and move on. But like you, life is a series of perpetual “catch up”, and I can only do one thing at a time so something, one of my projects, is always suffering as I also scramble to make money. I am in constant motion. But yes, I love to cook and I am careful about what goes on my mouth. What you said about people eating more processed food in a hurry is so true and they will pay dearly for that because they are finding it is a major reason for the cancer uptick in the colon and rectum. I love good food, especially understand what the nutrician is that is feeding my body. If people don’t care about the consequences of what they eat – they will later. Well, back to work for. I have many things to do today! Thanks for reading my latest post.


    • SonniQ
      I’m so sorry to hear that you are dealing with more cancer and radiation. I’ve not had radiation, but understand that it takes a chunk out of daily time because it is given daily over a number of weeks. 65 is young! I hold off from telling my age because I don’t want people to think that I’m old with dementia. LOL!

      I totally agree with you about food and what it is causing. The additives and soy now added to food by manufacturers is making people sick and yes, causing cancer. That is also why, in my opinion, more people are being diagnosed with cancer later in life — it’s because of eating that junk for decades.

      Keep your chin up. Here’s wishing you the best on your journey, with many ill-free decades to your life.


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