Mohamed Noor Found Guilty For the Killing Of Justine Damond

Just a point made at trial.  The allegation that Justine banged on the police car was refuted by forensic evidence that found none of her fingerprints or DNA on the police car.


Officer Noor with family members in 2016.

Mohamed Noor (1985- ) in 2015 became the first Somali American police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2019 he became the first police officer in Minnesota, of any race or ethnicity, found guilty of a crime for an on-duty police shooting.

Like Ilhan Omar, Noor came to Minneapolis in the 1990s as a child when his family fled the war in Somalia.

On the night of July 15th 2017, Justine Damond (nee Ruszczyk), a 40-year-old White woman, called police to report what sounded like a rape behind her house. As Noor tells it, when he and Officer Matthew Harrity arrived in a police car in the alley behind her house, there was a loud bang and then Damond suddenly appeared at Harrity’s open window. Her right arm was raised. Harrity said “Oh Jesus!” as he tried to draw his gun.


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  1. This case is a huge double standard. So let me get this straight. Philando Castile gets gunned down in broad daylight on camera, and Yanez gets to walk, but Mohamed Noor guns down Justine Ruszczyk and he goes to jail. I guess those Blue Lives Matter crowd will only back the badge if it’s a Black person getting killed.

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    • Ospreyshire,
      I followed cases before I came to the internet in 2012, and the only thing I would change in your comment is that Blue Lives Matter only backs the badge if the law enforcement officer is White. The opposite is also true when officers are killed in the line of duty — only if they were killed by a Black defendant.

      I have noticed with jury trials lately that things seem to be changing to convict regardless of the race of the officers and victims. It’s a small percentage, and might be due to prosecutors doing better jobs.

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      • Very good points, Xena. Sorry for only being a bit shallow in my previous comment.

        Yeah, it’s also quite crazy how some convictions only lead to something like a decade of probation because of the race of the offender.

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        • Ospreshire,
          No need to apologize. It’s me who should apologize for not making it clear that I’m in agreement with your comment.

          There are prosecutors who plea bargain, then there are judges who decide sentences such as probation without serving time, then there are states that have minimum sentencing. It differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. When judges use discretion and there are no minimum sentencing requirements is when people should contact their legislatures to pass laws that judges will need to comply with. But then too, there’s at least one case that I followed where the judge changed the jury decision by changing the charge.

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          • Sure thing. I figured we agreed on the issue. I just forgot to bring up those other points.

            Oh, that is definitely true. I also wondered if the judges know about the crime stats and this is a way of cooking the books for the annual crime report especially when the new Black media pointed out the fallacies let alone the fact that Black people don’t lead in most crimes, but that’s just a theory.

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          • Ospreyshire,
            For sure.
            Cooking the books is a method of old to appeal to fears of those who are locked away in their small worlds. We see that now with Trump using purported facts about migrants and immigrants.

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          • Exactly. That method started out as a way to fudge the numbers in business, but it certainly works for any other field as sad as it is. It’s all a bunch of loopholes and forcing the numbers to go a certain way when reality says otherwise.

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