International Women’s Day

On this day, I am reminded of an experience when I was in college.  It was a writers, evening class made-up of mostly women.   The professor encouraged us to express ourselves, and there were a few women in class who always exercised that right by discussing the women’s movement of that time.  One pointed out that the make-up of the class, having very few White men, indicated that women did not receive the privilege of attending college right after high school.   We juggle family and full-time jobs with college classes.   Mostly, the motivation for a college degree was to increase our earning potential.

A man student mockingly sat back with a smirk on his face, and stated the reason was not because of White male privilege but because women were not as intelligent as men — are stupid, and belong in the kitchen and the bedroom.

There must have been 20 voices all talking at the same time after he said that.  I remained quiet until the professor gained control.  Then I raised my hand, was acknowledged, and turned to that man saying;

“I’m so sorry you feel that way about your mother.”

It was as if all the air was suck out of the room.  The professor gave us a break.  When we returned to the class room, the man did not return and it fact, he disappeared for the rest of the semester.

My classmates said that my statement was profound.  It was not taken as a “your momma” joke and indeed, was not intended to be.  Rather, I wanted that man to remember that we reproduce according to our own kind.  How could he think of himself as being so smart if he was reproduced by a woman who he believes was inherently stupid just because of her gender?

Any man who has or believes he can reproduce a daughter, must realize that she inherits her genes and DNA from her dad as well as her mom.  Of course, children are also products of their environment in the sense for how they are raised and taught by their parents.  A father who looks down on women, who disrespects women, cannot respect their daughters either.  There’s a good chance that such a man does not respect his mother either.

It’s a matter of equality.


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  1. Fabulous. Bravo. Happy womens day.

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  2. Happy INTL Women’s Day, too! That story sounds so crazy how that student would say something like that. Good rebuttal with this article.

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    • Ospreyshire,
      That was a regular mantra for some men back in and previous to the 70’s. In response, most women turned to defending how intelligent women are by referring to accomplishments. That never stopped the condescending “kitchen and bedroom” insult. Causing that man to see that his mom is included in his insults about women did make a difference.

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      • That’s what I heard. I wasn’t born during that decade, but I heard stories about those situations from those older than me. Sounded like a sad state of affairs.


  3. Great example, Xena, of a powerful but respectful way to encourage the young man to learn the importance of thinking before he speaks… 🙂


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