Why Oprah Winfrey Votes, And We Should Too

Oprah rocks it!


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  1. I’m a huge fan of Ms Winfrey, she’s funny, bright, successful and smart enough not to run! Who would want to butt heads with a windbag like Trump I’ll never understand. Go blue wave!!


    • Hello Danafein. Thanks for the comment. Oprah has done much good in her projects, and I trust that she knows her calling and it is not politics.


  2. People are not feeling good about country. Nice post after the voting, non-voting surge. But the foothold of patriotism and freedom moves on.


    • There was a blue wave of democratic voters for the midterm. Those elected will now have to step up to the plate or face challengers from their own party.


      • Does not sound united. There is a great divide everywhere, including ones own party. Thanks for sharing.❤


        • It doesn’t sound united, probably because different people have different focuses on different issues. The goal is to get people in Congress and the White House who care about all citizens, those wanting to become citizens, and the future of America.


  3. Myself, I will be watchful. Even when people are in agreement on some important issues, they remain divided on other ideas. But you are right, governing has to be for the care of people. I do not want to go on and on about how politicians have become rich from their own interests. I call it greed. Well wishes and joyful greetings for the season and another new year. Cheers!


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