When Political/Religious Violence Isn’t Called Terrorism.

Hello.  chuquestaquenumber1 here, sharing some thoughts about how authorities pick and choose who should be charged with committing acts of terrorism.

When people witness acts of violence like the Manchester concert attack, Pulse night club shooting, Charlie Hebdo attacks, etc, or attempted acts of violence such as the would be Times Square bomber, would be JFK fuel container bombers, etc., it’s called and classified terrorism. The perpetrators of these crimes received terrorist charges.

There is unfortunately, as all things in a system motivated by racism/white supremacy, not to call acts of political violence committed and said to be committed by white males, “terrorism”. Here are some recent and not so recent examples of what I speak of:

Robert Bowers

Robert Bowers. A 46 yr old white male from Pittsburgh ,Pa is accused of going into the Tree of Life synagogue also in Pittsburgh, Pa and killing 11 people ,wounding 6. Three of the 6 wounded were police officers. Robert Powers is reported to have said  anti-Semitic statements such as” Kill all the Jews”. They’re committing genocide on my people, I just want to kill all Jews. ” amongst other things. He is charged with 29 federal crimes. However, not one of these charges includes terrorism. We are told that Bowers is anti-Semite and committed these crimes against a group of people because of their religion and in a house of worship. Yet no terrorism charges.

James Fields

James Alex Fields. A 21 yr old white male from Ohio born in Kentucky,who at the age of 20 last year is accused of the murder of Heather Hayer and attempted murders of 19 others at a rally in Charlottesville,Va.  James was part of the Unite The Right rally where he and others were carrying torches in the night and making violent chants as well as saying “the Jews will not replace us.” James is said to have expressed Neo Nazi beliefs, a love for Hitler(which is ironic because he has a Jewish mother), and radical right political beliefs. All of which culminated into the crimes he’s accused of. In,spite of the his political views being the reason for the crimes he’s accused of , none of charges include terrorism.


Cesar Sayoc

Cesar Sayoc, a 56 yr old white male from Aventura, Fl. is accused of sending bombs to various politicians and former elected politicians and locations across this country. Cesar is reported to be a radical right winger and Trump Supporter. It’s these views that made him target politicians of the opposite political ideology.  Cesar is reported to have hatred for Blacks, Jews,etc These views are said to be the reason that he is accused of sending bombs to former President Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Biden, a CNN office and George Soros etc. Cesar was on social media calling former Pres Obama, former AG Holder, Rep Maxine Waters and other blacks n—-s.

CNN had an interview with a former manager of his who is a white lesbian and she stated that he told her that he would eradicate all gays/lesbians, even her . Yet this woman still said nice things about him including calling him a good worker,shared his views, etc. She obviously was in solidarity with them being white instead of looking out for her sexual identity. Now for those who say Cesar’s not white. Even though we have reports that say his dad is Filipino and mom is Italian, look at this:


His race listed on his booking record is “white”. Now if he’s not white, please  produce documents that say otherwise. No charges of terrorism even though the violence he’s accused of is political.

These are just a few of the many examples I can list. Hopefully the recent events will cause people to demand the selective enforcement and classification on who is a terrorist and who gets charged with terrorism will end and apply laws evenly.

To all those who read and appreciate this article thank you.


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    This is sadly true. One of the first things Jeff sessions did as tRump’s Attorney General, is to delete the entire department responsible for investigating white domestic terrorism. Then they changed the definitions so that legally a white person can not be charged with terrorism, or any related terrorism charge. Really just as they want to define transgender out of existence they defined terrorism to exclude whites. I am sure Sessions intent was to make sure his white christian racist brothers couldn’t be charged with terrorism. That is what people have to understand, they are circling the wagons to defend themselves and theirs while making sure everyone else is the bad guy. Hugs

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  3. I’m glad people are discussing all these double standards. It’s mind-blowing how certain people do terrorizing things yet NEVER get charged with that crime. It’s also frustrating that all these terrorists get taken alive when Black people get slaughtered for far less! The scales are all too imbalanced and the world sees this.

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  4. Two sides to a story

    Of course white people unfairly don’t get called out on terror charges. But the FBI did explain in the initial press conference that in Sayoc’s case, federal terror charges would also depend upon deaths (none) and that there would have to be at least 4 oz of explosive in each bomb, as conditions to a federal terror charge. They also said that this might be added later – that initial charges could be pending as they sorted the case out.

    My opinion is that anyone who engages in threatening behavior for a political reason or to harass or harm anyone of a particular race or religion is a terrorist. Heck, people threatening their own cultural or racial groups often engage in terror of one sort or another.

    It’s distressing that white criminals are often arrested without being killed. But demonstrates that it can be done and how poorly trained and racist many US law enforcement agencies when they kill people of color for lesser crimes and sometimes people innocent of anything except being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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  5. chuquestaquenumber1

    Thank you for your response.

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