Jeffrey Ziegler Who Shot At 14-Year Old Brennan Walker Found Guilty of Two Charges

In April 2018, in the Detroit suburb of Rochester Hills, Brennan Walker missed his school bus.  His mom had taken his cell phone from him the night before, so he could not call or get a map to school.  He attempted to follow the path of the school bus but became lost.  He went to a house, rung the bell, and Jeffrey Ziegler grabbed a loaded shotgun.  Brennan ran, and Jeffrey took a shot at Brennan’s back.  Fortunately, he missed.

For more background on the case, see the post at this link.

Ziegler was charged with assault with intent to murder and felony firearms. The jury was given instructions on a lesser charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder.  It took the jury three hours of deliberation to find Ziegler guilty of the lesser charge.  It carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.  Ziegler was also found guilty of possessing a firearm in the commission of a felony. which has a mandatory sentence of two years in prison.

If Zeigler’s previous incidents with the law are allowed and considered at his sentencing hearing, he might receive a stiff sentence.  In 2004, police in Warren, Michigan arrested Zeigler on accusations that he shot “at a car in a road rage incident on I-696,” Fox 2 Detroit reported. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in that case and was placed on one year probation, fines, and court costs.

Sentencing is set for Nov. 13 before Oakland County Circuit Judge Wendy Potts.

During trial, Zeigler took the stand in his own defense.  He alleged that his intent was to fire a warning shot upward rather than to hurt Brennan.  Zeigler also testified that he stumbled on the wet pavement and fired before he wanted to.  Surveillance video contradicted Zeigler’s testimony.


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  1. The greatest threat to Black males in America has always been (and continues to be) White males. Coincidentally, the greatest threat to White men in America (although most would beg to differ) is White males. Hmm…

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    • xmatman,
      That is true. Last night I caught a series on HLN about Ted Bundy. Seems like the greatest threat to White women in America are White males.

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  2. Thanks for the update. This was a case that enraged me and I believe he is a violent racist with the attitude he can do anything he wants. Seems to have a temper and needs anger management. I hope he goes to prison for a long time as a warning to other racists. Hugs

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    • Scottie,
      You hit the proverbial nail on the head when addressing Ziegler’s attitude. Who thinks it’s okay to fire a “warning shot” at anyone running away? People don’t do that to animals.

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  3. Assault with intent to murder? How is this NOT an Attempted Murder case? I’m glad Brennan was able to get away and survive. We don’t need another George Zimmerman running around acting like he can do whatever he wants.

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    • I agree. I do not understand why the judge felt it necessary to offer the lesser charge. Seems to me it was a way for the jury to not have to find a firefighter guilty of the higher charge. Hugs

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    • Ospreyshire,
      It seems to be the norm now that juries are given instructions for lesser charges. Prosecutors don’t challenge it because the finding of guilt for a lesser charge might prevent a hung-jury and a do-over, or outright not guilty verdict. At times, it is directed at what prosecutors proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Since Ziegler did not shout out words that he was going to kill Brennan, the jury was required to consider Ziegler’s testimony along with the evidence, which the video was significant. It’s not a perfect system.

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  4. Hi Xena, Whites get off on lesser charges, not new. We’ll see his sentencing. I remember the story and am glad Brennan Walker was not harmed. Can you imagine a lost child knocking on someone’s door for help and having both wife and husband attempt to kill you? We rarely speak about the trauma to this child and others. If grown white women can be traumatized for life after a groping incident without rape, what kind of trauma will this child experience for rest of his life?

    Few are concerned about the impact of such violent racist acts on children of color. We never hear about their PTSD but hear incessantly about #MeToo to the point where I’m saying enough already. There are others more traumatized by the actions of white men.


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