The people who try to make you feel bad and/or afraid are those who are addicted to the pain and fears they cause themselves.

Don’t let them treat you like a cigarette; as their enabler, to fulfill their addiction to fear.

When you draw boundaries, they look for another Brand and forsake you.

Forgive them anyway and keep going without them.

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  1. True words of inspiration.

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  2. Wise words Xena.. Love and warm well wishes sent. ❤

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  3. Keep going may be the easier part while forgive is more difficult in the present times. When every bone in my body is screaming that the actions and/or words by someone shouldn’t be overlooked but deserve retribution, forgiveness requires a better human being than I am.

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    • Phil,
      Forgiving for me, is healing from the abuse and wrongs. It works out easy when people say they are sorry and stop doing what they’re doing. When they try to justify it is when I know they are intent on continuing their bad behavior and it makes no sense to continue associating with them. It can be difficult because we can’t always forget and indeed, I think there are times we should not forget.

      But, we know we’re on the right track when we make boundaries, and the other person abandons rather than respect the boundaries. It tells us they were never sincere about friendship and love in the first place.

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  4. Sounds like a borderlines is in your midst. With that I completely agree – we needn’t carry around the heavy weight of anger or resentment. Forgiveness for yourself for allowing anyone to disrespect your boundaries and forgiveness to the disrespector. Despite this, it’s our choice to forgive and still preserve our self respect. Therefore, for the sake of inner peace it’s perfectly fine to exclude those from our lives who continue bad behavior.

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