Fred Hopkins Accused Shooter Of Six LEOs And Killer Of One, Arrested After 2 Hour Standoff

Fred Hopkins, killed one officer and wounded 6 others

On October 3, 2018 in South Carolina around 5pm, several police officers attempting to serve a search warrant showed up to the home of 74 yr old white male Frederick Hopkins. At this point Hopkins began to fire upon the officers and barricaded himself inside the house, using his children as hostages. During the chaotic shootout, 7 police officers were shot. One police officer, Terrence Carraway, an African American man who just celebrated 30 years as a Florence County police officer, was killed during the shootout.

After 2 hours which armored vehicles were called and ESU/SWAT officers were called, Fred Hopkins surrendered . Fred Hopkins is facing several charges.

AOL reports;

“Officers went there unknowing the firepower the suspect had,” Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone said. “Fire was being shot all over. The way this suspect was positioned, his view of fire was several hundred yards. So he had an advantage. The officers couldn’t get to the ones who were down.

Several points.

    1. There is no, “No War on Cops” tagline when you read about this case. No calls for increased penalties for cop killers when you read about this case.
    2. There is no attempt to make this a racial issue now that a black police officer was killed and the accused is white. When it’s a black person accused of killing a white cop it’s the total opposite.
    3.  We constantly read about how police officers kill black people(armed and unarmed) you will hear statements such as: “The officer had to make a split second decision. The officer had to immediately react. “However, when it came to Fred Hopkins, a white man we’re told shot 7 cops killing one of them, it’s give him hours of negotiation so he can surrender.
    4.  No “I was in fear of my life” . I had no choice to use deadly force. The excuse constantly used and given by police officers when a black person armed or unarmed is killed or wounded. In this case an armed white man who is accused of killing 1 officer and wounding 6 more doesn’t make other police officers fearful to the point where deadly force is used against Fred Hopkins.
    5. I went to several websites when this story first broke. All of them had the massive outrage when it was assumed the cop shooter was black. I saw the usual blame Obama, Colin Kaepernick, dog whistle language(5-13%, 50-90%,we know what community did this,etc)
    6. All of the websites that I went to as well as the posters totally took a different stance and the outrage significantly dropped when the shooter turned out to be a white man named Fred Hopkins.
    7. This was the number one story on these sites . Within hours the story began to vanish upon knowing the killer was a white man. The same thing happened on tv stations.
    8. Fred Hopkins, the accused cop killer, was given the bio of his service as a Vietnam veteran, his time as a lawyer(a disgraced, disbarred lawyer but never the less a lawyer). Even how he was a Champion shooter. Not the portrait of a heinous criminal that you got with the 4 black teenagers accused of running over a Maryland police officer,or Shannon Miles, Gavin Long,Micah X Johnson, Alexander Bonds or any black person accused of killing a police officer.
    9. The usual “pro police ” people that you always see when a black person is accused or kills a cop (David Clarke, Heather MacDonald, Harry Houck, Rudy Giuliani) weren’t on tv to express their condolences for the loss of Officer Terrence Carraway. Nor were they on tv to condemn Fred Hopkins, the white male accused of killing Officer Terrence Carraway and wounding 6 other police officers. Which is no surprise to me because I’ve yet to see these individuals condemn any white person that kills or wounds a police officer, regardless of the officer’s race.


    Terrence Carraway, officer killed.

    Our condolences to Officer Carraway’s family and friends and best wishes for full recoveries for the wounded.

    Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share your thoughts,


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  1. I’ll even add onto the list with how no one mentions cop killing statistics (HINT: The majority AREN’T BLACK!).

    That is an insane situation and had this have been a Black man doing the same thing, laws would be passed and everybody would’ve heard about it. Where’s Blue Lives Matter?!?!? I guess blue lives only matter when it’s a White cop getting shot at by a Black person. Unbelievable.

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  2. Like

    • chuquestaquenumber1

      That’s the common tactic of those on the right. The leftist argument becomes their way of not calling a criminal white. The left does is also . The left will call a criminal a right winger or Trump supporter instead of a white criminal. Both sides rarely if ever will call out the political ideology of a black criminal. There’s no substitute for black criminal.

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  3. To be honest: when the media reported that a white male in a former slave holding/confederate state had just shot seven LEOs, killing one of them — an African American/military veteran with over thirty years of combined service and probably the descendant of slaves — I was absolutely astonished by the realization that this kind of event in present day America does not astonish me at all.

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  4. Xena, your blog is the first image I saw of the murderer. I suspected he was white because any other color there would be news demeaning and denigrating that race or religion and he would be dead. The only picture I saw with that of the deceased black cop on the heading of the killer.

    Many white women lock arms with white men in sanitizing and minimizing these kinds of violence when white men are involved. They often support letting these men off with a slap on the wrist. I look at the #MeToo movement as white women finally pointing their fingers at the real perpetrators of sexual violence instead of falsely accusing black men.

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  5. chuquestaquenumber1


    Deputy Farrah B Turner passed away on Oct 22 2018. Deputy Turner was one of the 7 cops shot during the ambush on South Carolina cops on October 2 2018. Deputy Turner had been hospitalized ever since that October 2 2018 shooting. She succumbed to those injuries. Fred Hopkins is accused of shooting those 7 cops. Now 2 SC cops are dead.

    RIP Deputy Farrah B Turner


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