To the friends of Buffalo Tom Peabody

We in the Word Press Community, as well as his family, have lost a great, talented person. My heart hurts.

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  1. He will be sorely missed!! 🙏🏽

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    • Horty,
      Indeed. It hurts me to know that he has passed on and we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Father Kane suddenly stopped blogging too. He’s been absent for over a year now. I emailed him but did not get a response. I miss Barbara Mattio (Idealistic Rebel) too. I saw that she tweeted last month.

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      • My dearest!! Yes … I was missing Tom and went looking and saw his last post was dated back. Had no clue!!
        About Barbara … I’ve also been missing her …
        M’lord, times passing by quick!! Thanks for reblogging Tom’s. Otherwise I would have missed it!! Plenty hugs … ❤

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  2. How very sad. 😥 Thanks for sharing the news.

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    • Jill,
      Yes, it is sad. When bloggers suddenly disappear with no news, no head’s up, no reason, it causes me to worry. I am very grateful to his sister for letting us know.

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      • Yes, I have thought about that many times … we should all have some back-up plan, somebody who can post a final message on our blog in the event of our demise, because so many of us have become a part of a big family — we care about each other almost as if we had known each other for aeons.

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        • Jill,
          That is true. I have a backup person on Word Press. When they get notification from my family, they will accept the invitation so they can publish a blog post announcement. Because of sign-in’s and such, not every family member will know how to access our blogs or even how they are structured. I tried showing my son how to do it, but I suppose he doesn’t want to accept what is happening. I’ve written out some instructions.

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  3. Just finding out that he passed away. May he Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.


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