Right now a story from Time: These Are the Victims of the Jacksonville Madden Tournament Shooting

Condolences to the families and best wishes for the full recovery of those injured.

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One was a championship-winning video game competitor with a young son. The other was a rising competitive gaming star who was just getting started.

The Jacksonville Sheriff?s Office identified competitive video game players Elijah Clayton, 22, and Taylor Robertson, 28, as the two victims who passed away when a gunmanopened fire at a live video game tournament in Jacksonville, Fla. They were known best in the gaming community by their aliases Trueboy and SpotMePlzzzz, respectively.

Police said the suspected shooter was David Katz, a 24-year-old video game competitor from Baltimore, who opened fire at The Landing shopping center in Jacksonville, where players competed in EA Sports?s Madden NFL 19 championship series. The horrific mass…

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  1. Yet another gun related tragedy that could be avoided and I don’t mean by arming others as protection. Just because the NRA don’t advocate any form of gun control doesn’t mean it’s not a good thing.

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    • David,
      The NRA’s position is that someone competing in a tournament, who has no doubt paid an entry fee to participate, is suppose to be armed and take over being a security guard if they hear a gunshot. That logic is ridiculous especially when shooters stop the rampage by killing themselves.

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