Omarosa – What Trump Thinks About His Chosen “Liaison” To Black Americans

I did not watch the Apprentice.  In fact, until campaigning in 2016, I barely ever heard the name Donald Trump.  I saw him on television touting the “Birther” claims and thought of it as a circus.  Barack Obama could have been born in a plane flying over Germany.  His mom was still a natural born U.S. Citizen which according to federal law, makes him a United States citizen.  In other words, I paid little attention to that nonsense.

Yes, I heard that he owned some casinos and hotels.  Not being a New Yorker, I had not heard of Trump Tower until 2016.  Back around1998, I knew that Trump attempted to team with Jessie Ventura who was then governor of the State of Minnesota, and that he was considering a run for the presidency.  I didn’t pay that much attention.

With the recent news about Omarosa, I didn’t pay it much attention at first.  I can’t keep up with the names of the people who have gone through the revolving door of Trump’s administration.  What did peek my interest however, were Trump’s recent tweets about Omarosa.

Yes, I find his arrogant and condescending name-calling as signs of immaturity, insecurity, inadequacy, and completely unprofessional.  There are people who find Trump’s name calling of Omarosa as an offense to all women.  I don’t disagree.  What I do see however, is something that goes much deeper.  It goes into Trump’s attitude about citizens.  Here’s an analogy …

Let’s imagine that parents did not support Trump for president.  Their interests in parenting, whether it be custody issues, education, health, nutrition, capture and prosecution of child sex abusers, are all packed under the one category of “parental rights”.   Trump wants to try to win parents over to support him.

In July 2016, Omarosa announces that she had been named Director of Parental Outreach.

In December 2016, Omarosa was announced as one of nine additional members to President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team.

On January 3, 2017, it was reported that Omarosa would join Trump’s White House staff, focusing on public engagement. In her interviews, Omarosa says that she hopes parents who voted Democrat will follow her lead in changing to the Republican Party. All of her duties center on speaking or taking part in conferences that deal with parental rights.

In December 2017, Omarosa is terminated from her position with the White House.

(Date reference sources via Wikipedia)

Now having written a book about her experience working in the White House, Donald Trump responds by tweeting that Omarosa said wonderful and powerful things about him and was a champion for parental rights.  On Twitter, Trump proceeded to call her a “lowlife,” “wacky,” “not smart” and “dog.”

What does that say about what Donald Trump thinks about parents?   Think about it.  If Donald Trump was sincere about the issues of parental rights, respected parents and truly wanted a liaison between them and the White House, why would he hire someone who he says is a “lowlife,” “wacky,” “not smart” and a “dog” to be that liaison?

Now, let’s consider what Omarosa was hired for – a liaison between Black Americans and the White House.  Using the above analogy, what does Trump’s assessment of Omarosa say about what he thinks regarding Black Americans and their concerns on issues of civil rights?

If you want to actually look into the heart of the matter, you can replace “civil rights” with other rights and see that he is satisfied describing a “liaison” as a person who is a lowlife, not smart, wacky, a dog.  Some folks think that dogs are controllable by throwing them a bone.  Trump threw Omarosa a bone by giving her a job to throw bones to others.

It’s much like his proposal to NFL players who protest against police brutality by taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem.  Rather than approach the reason they take a knee, Trump threw them a bone by asking that they give him names of people serving time whose sentence he can commute.   It’s like the plantation owner satisfying the hunger of his slaves by throwing then the ears, feet, tails, and intestines of the slaughtered hog.

So you see, this isn’t only the position he takes against women.  It’s a position he takes on all people who look like Omarosa.



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  1. I think the plantation owner analogy is apropos.

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  2. Two sides to a story

    45 displays all the behaviors typical of a toxic narcissist – in other words, someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). It’s a disorder caused more by bad parenting than any genetic tendency, as far as psychology knows at the present time. I’m not a psych person, but I’m the daughter of a mother with NPD, so I recognize the constant gaslighting, putdowns, and other behaviors. It does make me feel a little sorry for the guy who used to be an innocent kid needing support but in all likelihood, getting none. Been there, done that. Some of us end up like 45, others fight to achieve mental and emotional stability.

    Racism coupled with NPD is extra toxic as you can see!

    I watched a couple of episodes of “The Apprentice” for the heck of it during the time it aired and was totally repulsed. Not to mention that I’m close to 45’s age and so have followed him in the news to some degree since I was in my 20s. He’s always been a jerk from hell, and so it’s quite amazing that so many people have ignorantly placed him on a pedestal. He’s just not presidential material and never has been. His foray into far-right birtherism bullsh** should have made him totally unacceptable as a candidate and he should have been laughed off the stage by the media. If anything, the media he so loathes actually assisted him by plying him with way too much attention during the campaign, in my opinion. Of course, the Russian dillydallying took things to a whole new level that we never could have anticipated (although our intel seems to have been pretty well aware of Russian interference, but unable to do much with a complicit Congress). And 45 was likely more motivated to win the presidency as a way of making money than any legitimate interest in leadership. All that debt to Russian sources!

    Omarosa seems like a super-flawed person herself, but more power to her if her recordings help bring this man down. I think we, as a nation, are in a far worse place than we fully understand at this time. I’m so ready for this to be over so we can heal and move on from this nightmare. Hurry up, Mueller!

    *rant over* : /

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    • Two sides,
      (((((Applause))))). It seems to me that Trump has never been subjected to consequences for his actions. He’s had ways of retaliating throughout life and that has been his form of power. I think you’re right about the media too. One thought I had was the media put time into his campaign because they thought showing America Trump’s real personality would dampen his chances for nomination and election. They failed to understand that not every voter watches the news or reads the newspaper. They also failed to understand that there are people in this country who are drawn to Trump because he hates who they hate, and their vote was based on hating rather than what is best for this country.

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    • Two sides,
      (((((Applause))))). It seems to me that Trump has never been subjected to consequences for his actions. He’s had ways of retaliating throughout life and that has been his form of power. I think you’re right about the media too. One thought I had was the media put time into his campaign because they thought showing America Trump’s real personality would dampen his chances for nomination and election. They failed to understand that not every voter watches the news or reads the newspaper. They also failed to understand that there are people in this country who are drawn to Trump because he hates who they hate, and their vote was based on hating rather than what is best for this country.


  3. Dear Xena,

    There is not only a Russian asset living in the White House but the racist-in-chief as well.

    One could also call him the Misogynist and the Bully-in Chief, as well.

    Here’s the irony. President Trump created Omarosa via the reality show, “The Apprentice” and she learned her lessons well. She is playing the President’s game really well and she could actually win. This could be God’s version of irony.

    He and General Kelly should have known better. Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. The president’s ugly name calling will only provide her with more motivation to play her hand, really well.

    Ordinarily her credibility would be suspect at best, but Lordy, according to the NY times, she has at least 200 tapes that she can use to support her assertions.



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    • Gronda,
      “Irony” hits the proverbial nail on the head. I would think that from the onset, Omarosa understood that Trump was prostituting her and that’s why she recorded things.

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  4. We used to be,
    an improving country.
    I thought.
    Trump’s ‘base,’
    uneducated white male racists,
    made our improving country,
    their own.

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    • Cindy,
      I think there has been a wake-up call to many Americans. The masses now know that racism still exists in America with the stench starting at the head, and that it is ugly.

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  5. crustyolemothman

    Dear Xena,

    It amazes me to realize that so many of our fellow American Citizens could/would support this person in any manner! I suppose most of them have never realized that if you open a can of worms, do not be surprised to find worms in the can!!!

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    • Mothman,
      Hate is the driving force. Some of Trump’s supporters do not support him because they like him. Rather, they support him because he hates the people that they hate.

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  6. I don’t remember that much of The Apprentice, but I do remember how Omarosa had a bit of celebrity during and after her time being on the 1st season. However, she was framed as the crazy and angry Black woman which played out in her guest appearance on some sitcom (can’t remember which one). The fact that she got relevant again because of her now-former job made me shake my head.

    Now for the more serious subjects at hand, what 45 did wasn’t surprising in his cruelty. Saying nothing about the revolving door of his administration, his contempt for Black people is sickening. I hate how people (mainly his supporters) say he isn’t racist or how no one called him racist until his presidential run. Really? Then why was he and his dad sued TWICE in the 70s for housing and hotel discrimination towards Black tenants/customers? The Central Park Five situation and him pulling full-page ads wanting 5 innocent POC (4 Black, 1 Puero Rican) teenagers to get the freaking death penalty? How about the aforementioned Birther issue yet was eerily silent when the Canadian-born Ted Cruz was competing against him during the primaries (shoot, I’m surprised he didn’t make fun of Cruz’s half-Cuban heritage)?

    It’s as if people don’t see the big picture, but I’m glad you do.

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    • Ospreyshire,
      My dad used to tell a story about a man who said great words of compliments and appreciation to another man as he drove a knife into his back. It was a lesson on seeing people for what they do and not just what they say.

      Thanks for that breakdown of Trump’s demonstrated, racist history.

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      • Oh wow. That’s a great way of looking at that situation when it comes to words vs. actions. I wish someone would’ve told me that story when I was younger.

        No problem and I could go further, but I think that’s the gist of it.


        • Ospreyshire,
          My dad was born in the 1890’s, so had lived through a lot by the time I was born. As a child, people called me an “old soul” but it was really because my parents were older than most parents then. I didn’t see the benefit of their wisdom until I became an adult. I miss my dad till this very day.

          By the way, did you hear how Trump is supporting a White Supremacist conspiracy about South Africa?

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          • Gotcha. That’s great insight. I started to have those thoughts about my grandparents since all of them passed away and my maternal grandmother was the last one who died last year come October. I wish I would’ve learned more from her especially.

            It was a matter of when 45 would respond to that situation since the Alt-Wrong community has been freaking out and started the lies about their situation. Did South Africa sign the Reclamation Without Compensation law? Yes, that happened, but there has been no evidence of White Genocide. There are even groups like Afriforum and Suidlanders who are the Alt-Right of that nation. Interestingly enough, England and the Netherlands aren’t taking them back, but Russia is allowing them in for some weird reason.

            Speaking of South Africa, I just found out today that a business owner was caught on camera saying the K-word (the same one that’s Afrikaans for the N-word) and has faced MASSIVE backlash against him and multiple businesses are pulling out of deals with him. Here’s more info.


            • BBC is reporting that South Africa has accused US President Donald Trump of seeking to sow division after his tweet referring to the “large-scale killing of farmers”. It might have been MSNBC this morning that reported the complete story, and how White farmers are not being killed. I went on Twitter to see if anyone was approaching the full story, but instead found tweets fanning racial flames against Blacks.

              I watched about half of the video. (Will finish later.) So, it was actually one of the guy’s Caucasian friends who made the video public. See something. Say something. Good for them.

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            • That doesn’t shock or surprise me at all that 45 would talk about this myth. That speaks to the fear of him and WS groups to see Black people fighting back. This is righting a colonial wrong in South Africa. I almost forgot about the Nambia tweet (speaking of which, Namibia is suing Germany now for the colonizing and genocide crimes against that country). I know the Advise Show has been dispelling those lies, covered that issue, and even interviewed a Black First Land First member on his show. I did shake my head a bit when that comment about Zimbabwe was mentioned in passing since that wasn’t the reason for it’s poverty, but through sanctions set on them, but that’s another story.

              Yup, it was one of the Caucasian friends who caught him in the act and good on him. When you watch the whole video, it even talks about how Nike got in trouble and how their South African branch was indirectly connected to this guy on the beach. It gets crazy.


            • Ospreyshire,
              I plan on catching up more on this issue come the weekend. The information you have shared is truly helpful. After reading some tweets, I took notice that some are saying what is happening in South Africa will happen to Whites here. The spreading of misinformation to promote fear tactics is at work. It’s shameful that Trump jumped on the bandwagon.

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            • Sure thing. I’ll definitely keep tabs about the Reclamation Without Compensation issue. Thanks for appreciating the info. I can believe they would actually say that since they fear that South Africa would cause a domino effect throughout the continent to stop the colonizers and spread throughout the African diaspora at large. They fear something could end up like a modern day Toussaint or Nat Turner and it’s the same logic as to why Nate Parker was demonized for daring to make Birth of a Nation (2016). It’s certainly shameful that the president is joining this fearful rumor mill.


  7. The talented Randy Rainbow on Omarosa;


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