Officer Who Choked Eric Garner Has Been Administratively Charged

(CNN)The New York police officer who choked Eric Garner in 2014 has been formally served with departmental charges, an NYPD spokesman said Saturday.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who wrapped his arm around Garner’s neck before the man complained he couldn’t breathe, was served with the charges Friday night, according to city officials.

Pantaleo is seen in video from the scene tackling Garner from behind using a department-banned chokehold. He now faces two separate charges — for use of a chokehold and for restricting the man’s breathing, said an NYPD official with knowledge of the investigation.

Pantaleo, who has remained on the NYPD payroll, faces punishment ranging from loss of vacation days to termination, officials said.

Pantaleo’s case will be prosecuted by the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the city agency tasked with oversight of the police department, officials said. The CCRB substantiated allegations of misconduct against Pantaleo, police officials said.
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  1. Benjamin Woolridge

    Loss of vacation days? Termination? What a joke!

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    • Benjamin,
      I know, right?

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      • Benjamin Woolridge

        Even after the Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation, constitutional amendments, Supreme Court victories, enacting Civil Rights legislation, and electing its first African American President, this country still places no value on a black life!

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        • Benjamin,
          There is a root in America, and the tree grew large. We have cut off branches without eradicating the root. The branches remaining simply made it possible to work with the other branches to reach the same end.

          New York had already made the choke hold illegal. It should not have taken the NY Police Dept. this long to bring Pantaleo up for administrative review. He should have been immediately terminated. The layering of agencies and decisions is another aspect of increasing the chance of having more racial bigots make decisions.

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  2. An ugly reminder there is no justice in the American criminal system for Black people. This is a threat to slap a murderer’s wrist, it’s not justice and doesn’t come close.


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