Anti-violence protesters block major freeway in Chicago

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  1. Xena why do you think the violence in Chicago is so well contained to communities of color? Or why do you think many uneducated whites folks who know knowing about history in their lifetime can quote the latest stats on the number of black on black killings in Chicago?

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    • Angela,
      I don’t know if I have all the answers regarding gun violence in Chicago in communities of color, but I do know the foundational history from experience. There was a time when the police did not come to predominately Black communities when called, and that was true even in the 90’s. If it was a situation where someone was killed, they might have arrived 30 minutes later or longer.

      Even when perpetrators of crime were captured, seldom did the Cook County State’s Attorney prosecute. That means that those who complained to the police that resulted in arrests were placed in position of retaliation. Detectives had no problem telling suspects who spilled the beans on them.

      Vigilante justice became the norm. Gangs formed. Some gangs went into businesses, such as selling drugs. Cops were paid off to turn their heads.

      Gangs control Chicago, and they come in all skin colors.

      People can quote the stats because the local newspaper prints shootings and deaths daily. Although they don’t say the race of those involved, it is assumed by some Whites that the actions were committed by Blacks. Chicago is a huge, multi-cultural, diverse city and those who have never lived there for a long period of time won’t understand it.

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      • Figured cops ignored crimes in specific neighborhoods. Chicago is beautiful but extremely divided. I ventured into a “safe ” zone on the Southside, heard about someone shot and killed two days earlier beyond the “safe zone.” There was a buffer zone to contain the violence. Returning to the luxury of downtown Chicago was comforting.

        Most people, I suspect, quoting stats never lived in Chicago, so I figured they get talking points from racist TV shows such as fox news or racially motivated white terrorist organizations such as the KKK or Council of Conservative Citizens. They were close to 1000 white hate/terrorist groups before Russia gave Trump the presidency that number probably exploded now.


        • Angela,
          Truth is that Chicago ranks about the 5th in killings. The last I looked, Baltimore and St. Louis held 1st and 2nd place. People turned attention to Chicago after Barack Obama was elected president because that was where he lived. They have an agenda that really has nothing to do with gun violence.

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