Oh What A Night

It’s been tiring and time consuming keeping up with all of the news.  Some comfort I’ve found is putting time aside to watch at least 2 movies a week — movies I’ve not watched previously.  (I’m a stickler for re-watching movies I like.)

When I saw the movie “Jersey Boys” was on, I watched it.  Jersey Boys is a movie released in 2014.   It’s based on a Tony Award winning musical by the same title.  Jersey Boys is a biography about 4 boys leading a life of crime, going in and out of jail, and how they later became the singing group the Four Seasons.  The movie is a bit long at 2 hours, 4 minutes, but I enjoyed the story, the actors, and the music. 

Although I liked the Four Seasons in the 60’s, their only recording that I purchased was Oh What A Night.  It was released in 2003.  This afternoon, I dug through my 45 vinyls and blasted the song!

The title applies to what I feel when reading or watching the news, but the lyrics do not.  It’s rather good to hear the lyrics say something good, so I thought of sharing the song with you.  Frankie Valli was born May 3, 1934 in Newark, New Jersey, USA as Francis Stephen Castelluccio.  He is currently 84 years old and still performing.  His life is an encouragement to continue doing what we love and, as Frankie shows us in Jersey Boys, doing what is right to overcome obstacles. 

For feel good measure, the second video is the closing scene from Jersey Boys.





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