U.S. Judge Dismisses Charleston Shooting Lawsuits, Criticizes FBI — The Crusader Journal

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A federal judge has dismissed 16 lawsuits filed by survivors of a 2015 mass shooting at a South Carolina church who sued the government over the failure of an FBI-run background check system to prevent the purchase of the murder weapon. U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel also criticized what he called “abysmally poor” Federal Bureau of Investigation policies for the system that allowed Dylann Roof buy the gun he used to kill nine people, all African-Americans, at a historic black church in Charleston.

In his ruling released late Monday, Gergel said that the government had immunity from being sued for its policies, “even really bad policy choices.”Wrongful death lawsuits filed by survivors and family members of victims of the shooting alleged that at least one of the background check databases maintained by the federal government had information that should have prevented the firearm sale.


Gergel criticized the FBI’s policy to deny background check examiners access to the database, known as N-DEx.If the examiner assigned to Roof’s purchase request had been able to access N-DEx, he would have seen Roof’s 2015 drug arrest and would have barred him from buying the gun, Gergel wrote in his decision.


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  1. Two sides to a story

    Makes no sense. The judge seems to contradict himself, and seems to engage in supporting an ideology over supporting citizen rights.


    • Two sides,
      The federal government has immunity in this case. It’s sad, but that’s the way the law is written.


  2. they first need to sue the state. THEN the federal govt. otherwise the fed judge has no choice but to throw it out. ..UNLESS it is a civil rights issue which, unfortunately, buying a gun isn’t.


    • Suze,
      They could have tried suing the gun dealer for negligence who sold the gun to Roof, but if he used the background system and found nothing, then the suit would have been dismissed. That’s probably why they sued the feds for not providing necessary information to the dealer.

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      • oh yes, I do know that…but..the way the regulations for federal lawsuits are set, you have to file all state and locals prior to filing. that was enough for the judge to throw it out. it’s ridiculous, but there ya go. I had a close friend die that day in that church, so I keep very close eye on it.


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