Manhattan Lawyer David Waldman Charged With Cyberstalking

Stop Cyber Abuse

David Waldman, 50, is an attorney who launched a relentless campaign against his banker ex-girlfriend after she ended their four-month relationship.  He bombarded her with vile text messages, emails, and launched hateful websites. Waldman also went as far as to send a letter to his ex-girlfriend’s boss claiming that she’s a drug addict.  After posting things about her that directly claimed her to have mental illness, and after threatening to appear at her apartment, Waldman told his ex-girlfriend’s employer that he was going to sue her for defamation, illegal trespass, and violating HIPAA.

Some of Waldman’s other communications included;

“I only hope you die of cervical cancer before I can f— up your s—,” Waldman wrote on a website he created in 2014 called “No k–e civil attorneys, no car load of your pals, or anything else you have in your arsenal will cause me to even blink.”


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  1. crustyolemothman

    Dear Xena,

    Wow, it seems that these fools are really starting to come out of the woodwork since the installation of King Donnie into the White House. I fear that unless real change takes place very soon this problem will simply be the tip of the iceberg in our societies dealing with one another. Hate and more hate simply because it has become acceptable to far too many people in positions of power, including at the very top of the food chain.. Several years ago, I commented that even with all the weapons in the hands of the wrong minded individuals this nation would not see open rebellion, however with some of the things that have come to pass, I now question if I was wrong… and we might well see it in my lifetime..

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    • Mothman,
      There seems to be a bunch of folks who think they are above the law. Some rely on their position, or money, or education to make it appear that they can violate laws as long as they make the victims less than them. That sends a powerful message to citizens that the law chooses sides and does not apply equally.

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